Easter Light…

An unnamed nobleman said this to Edwin, king of the land that would become known as Northumbria, after Edwin and his company had heard the gospel preached for the first time:

The present life of man, O king, seems to me, in comparison with that time which is unknown to us, like to the swift flight of a sparrow through the room wherein you sit at supper in winter amid your officers and ministers, with a good fire in the midst whilst the storms of rain and snow prevail abroad; the sparrow, I say, flying in at one door and immediately out another, whilst he is within is safe from the wintry but after a short space of fair weather he immediately vanishes out of your sight into the dark winter from which he has emerged. So this life of man appears for a short space but of what went before or what is to follow we are ignorant. If, therefore, this new doctrine contains something more certain, it seems justly to deserve to be followed.

Good words to think about after Easter!  As a song with an annoyingly cheerful tune says, “There’s a light in the valley of death now for me, since Jesus came into my heart!”  Just wondering if helping people as they live this life ( which is being done by so many Christians and ministries in so many wonderful ways and which of course we are to do in Christ’s Name)  has pushed helping people be ready for eternity into the background in Christian outreach and mission?

God bless


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  1. Alison Black says:

    This quotation from Bede is one of my all-time favourites. It gives such a vivid and haunting picture of truth – like Christ’s parables.


  2. Kim Ennis says:

    Yes l experience the efforts and the pressure of good intention of mission to save souls.
    How others are trained in thought to apply.
    It has always been weary some for me as I am not led in this way but stray into many ways to comform to good intention rather than God s intension which is beyond understanding anyway.
    Perhaps people making sense of God in life rather than sense God is alive.
    The command to love one another is turned on its head and those that follow seem to be a back to front and up side down the head is the feet and the feet are the head.i see their hearts are relatively in the same area just on the opposite side!
    We all need peace l am Concerned that this is the enemy if it looks similar but is not l find it generally is the imposters attempt. Has he deceived ?We have not to fear.We shall see again with the same vision.
    God lead us into eternity standing with our feet on the ground and heads bowed.
    Walking in the light of God.To know the Love of God and recieve and give according to His will.
    I had a dream about two nights ago .
    I went to sleep with a migraine .thats not the dream.
    I opened a cupboard door above my head and a peircing light went into my eye.
    Probably migraine.
    Anyway I saw God as an old man next to me face to face.
    I was quoting something from the bible . I don’t know what
    God spoke back and said You use my words but you don’t USE my words.
    This resinates with me.l was silent.
    Then in an instant fear but without distress , for He is kindness.His face was kind.
    His words were powerful but not unto harm.
    How to use His word How to utilise His word.
    I leave it in His hands to direct me.


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