Is it time to “shoo” a cat away from the hearth?

Put this on Facebook but realised that “WordPress” followers would not have got it. So just for you, here it is!

Christ loves righteousness and hates wickedness. Well, that’s what it says in my bible. He looks for compassion and righteousness in and from His body, The Church. Seems to me that grace has become a word that even in the church is allowed to slay every other truth. Why has repentance been dumbed down? Without holiness no one shall see God.

Grace sophistry is a weapon in the enemy’s hand, keeping many on the broad road that leads to destruction. He uses it so often until he gets even believers to think about doing something we would never have allowed in our lives as a believer or as The Church in another day, as it is contrary to God’s Word; eventually he sows the seed of a thought, “Well, I guess there is another way of looking at it,” and waters that received and planted seed, until sin is made welcome, like a stray cat warming itself at the fireside. We begin to feel affection for what we used to resist. The camel which we allowed to warm its nose in the tent and tabernacle, has moved in! It is given rights of habitation; Christian lives become occupied territory rather than free.

Perhaps you are a Christian who needs set free from enemy occupation. Find a servant of Jesus Christ, in good standing in the church and community, preferably known to your own minister or pastor and speak about deliverance with them. If they are genuine they will help you into freedom from demonic troubling through the Name of Jesus, or on the other hand set you free from the fear there is something demonic and suggest more relevant help for your situation and need. Steer clear of those who are not part of a church accountability structure, but rather operate like lone wolves. Steer clear of those who make a song and dance of the whole thing and make a spectacle of people by ministering very publicly to make a great show of their authority. Nothing is new. Even in the bible times there were false apostles who were quite willing to hit people physically as if to make a show of authority. It still happens. We are gullible more than we realise, even those of us who think we are not. Avoid these Super Apostles like the plague. I never thought their nonsense would take hold in Scotland, but it has. Usually all they set people free from is their money….

Feeling great sorrow as I remember someone speaking as an evangelical at the General Assembly asking for evangelicals to be given more time to move away from Scripture….. that we were not there yet… Another assembly, I think the phrase was  that “Constrained departure from the traditional view” about a particular matter under discussion should be allowed. I guess the days are coming soon enough when God’s Word on a matter will be seen as  merely the suggestion of the Almighty to His people, to His Church. Commandments and obedience are so passe´ …

Some things, there is just no other way of looking at, than what God’s Word says.

God Bless


7 comments on “Is it time to “shoo” a cat away from the hearth?

  1. Kim Ennis says:

    we lay our burdens down.
    Take up His yoke which is light.


  2. Kim Ennis says:

    Is this your cross?


  3. Dave Henderson says:

    Kenny, I like what you say…But find it difficult to reconcile Kenny why you should emphasise the importance of being part of an accountable church structure when so many of them have significantly departed from thier own accountability to the Word and Way of God.
    Finding a C of S that would acknowledge deliverance at the corner of the average street would be a difficult.


    • revkennyblog says:

      Mmm..not limiting to C of S Dave. My concern is accountability in this or any ministry, so personally, when it comes to deliverance, I would want to be sure that the person or group ministering was in a structure of accountability and under a covering of godly and approachable authority to whom questions could be addressed and by whom concerns would be acknowledged with humility. Horrendous harm has been done through unwise and unaccountable deliverance ministries. The Roman Catholic Church is good at this type of thing; deliverance, cleansing houses etc. I don’t agree with them biblically on a lot of things but they recognise the principle of being under authority to have authority. Demons recognise the principle and practice of authority too. God bless. K


  4. Kim Ennis says:

    True indeed!
    When I meet with Jesus at a crossroad there is always more than one direction to choose from.
    His mercy never comes to a dead end.


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