The emerging test of right or wrong that is as old as sin….

One of the scariest truths I know is that God lets us have what we choose. Seems to me we are choosing the way of getting rid of inconvenience. It is obvious in technological advance. However, there is a head of steam behind bringing life and everything in it under that test. The inconvenient almost​ born, get rid of them. The inconvenient dying, get rid of them. Inconvenient fact, deny its right to have a voice. The day may come when you or I are considered inconvenient….

Oh, it’s not rocket science. The essence of our sinfulness is “self” so at some point in time, convenience or inconvenience with regard to happiness  takes a higher place in decision making than right or wrong, indeed in many ways it becomes the self appointed arbiter of right and wrong. 

The problem is, it is not a principle by which right or wrong can be judged which in itself is inconvenient rationality and logic. Utilitarianism is a philosophy masquerading as a morality. It disturbed me greatly when I studied it decades ago at university,  but its roots are as old as sin itself. See Romans 1… “since they did not think it useful to retain…etc.”

Of course we have seen over the centuries and more rampantly in recent years now some parts of  the “Church” determined to choose this philosophy. Inconvenient teaching, get rid of it. Inconvenient commandments, get rid of them. Mission becomes,  “What message and endeavours would be useful to make a greater number of people in the world feel a greater happiness toward Christianity and the church and pronounce the verdict,  ‘Useful’?” “What is no longer useful about the Christian message that we should try not to mention?”
The inconvenient Christ. Inconvenient to the world, inconvenient to thoughts of church and mission. Let’s face it: He can be inconvenient to any of His followers…. He may be waiting to meet you and I  in inconvenient people, inconvenient circumstances or inconvenient Scripture.

God bless


2 comments on “The emerging test of right or wrong that is as old as sin….

  1. Kim Ennis says:

    inconvenience or perfect timing ?
    I can’t imagine Jesus hanging on the cross thinking well this is a bit annoying.
    could of done without this now.
    Why does it always have to be me!
    Can’t anyone see l have enough on my plate.l wonder if l ask the disciples if they could help me out here.
    He knew His place HisPerpose He wept
    For He knew.
    To me inconvenience seems to be God asking What is my place and purpose where does my response take me.
    Closer to the cross or moving away.
    If saying no takes me closer l must say no if it is yes then l must say yes.
    God help us choose closer and if we make a chioce to move away bring the cross closer to us.Amen


  2. judithjamesdavies says:

    Oh wow ….


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