Please pray this…..

Less steroids, so less posts. However, woke with what is said of Christ in Isaiah 53.10 running through my mind: “…. and the will of God will prosper in his hand.” Why not turn this into a prayer for yourself today? “Father whatever I go through this day may your will prosper in my hands.” Turn it into a silent prayer for others you meet today. Should the prospering of the will of God in us not be the deepest longing and the truest prosperity  we seek? “Father, may your will prosper in us, through us, despite us!”

God bless,


2 comments on “Please pray this…..

  1. Jane Fraser says:

    Amen. – I have been on steroids for 46 years. Not good medication but couldn’t have lived without it.


  2. Linda Watson says:

    Oh what a wonderful prayer. The kind of prayer that can be in our mind all day, as you say, for ourselves and those who come to mind. Thank you.


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