If you believe in the bible you will not ignore God speaking to you by dream. Most often we associate dreaming with times when we are asleep but actually we can have dreams when we are awake as well! That is not odd. It is not new age, or occult, though there are new age and occult versions of the same thing. Sometimes we forget that and dismiss what is of the Spirit as being the work of the devil.

Believing that the God of the Old and New Testaments speaks to people through dreams, visions etc., is not even particularly charismatic. It is biblical and is actually very much part of Highland and Islands Scottish Christianity – as is prophecy. It is in our spiritual DNA. One of my greatest encouragers in this type of thing was a Free Presbyterian Minister who gave me books to read showing this was an intrinsic part of Scottish Spirituality in the past. He had no problem when I shared some of my experiences with him which surprised me as I had made wrong assumptions about him. I really don’t agree with the insistence that God will not do the same thing twice or just because He has done something before He will not do it again. On the contrary water tends to flow where it has flowed before, although of course it can appear in completely unexpected places – springs and pools in the desert!

The thing is, God has already been speaking to you in your dreams whether you believe it or not. Fortunately He is able to do above what we ask or think possible. He is even able to do things we do not agree with! When God walked on the earth in Christ, He consistently did what many thought was wrong and never asked permission so to do! God is God and gloriously Himself! There is help out there to learn what God means you to learn from your dreams, which, by the way, is often very different from lessons a non Christian interpretation would give to the same dream.

For me it is not a major thing I rely on but I don’t ignore it either. For example years ago I dreamed I was attending a church where there were trees planted outside. I went to the church in real life and there were no trees. However in the course of the meeting the city council came and planted trees on both sides of the road leading to the church. What was that about? it was to alert me to realise something else much more important I had seen in the same dream time should not be ignored and should be acted upon and prayed about. I saw a lady arriving at our manse door in great distress. I was away from home at the time, indeed I was in another country, but it was so vivid I phoned home and asked Morag if this particular lady was OK. Ten minutes later Morag phoned to say the lady I had seen in my dream half way across the world had just arrived at the manse door in great distress as she had just received very bad news about her Father.

I had a dream last night  in which the subject of my nitrogen levels had been very vivid. I asked on Facebook if some medics could help me make sense of that also describing my lung condition and my medication. I got back some very helpful leads that I will pursue with my GP and consultant basically to check whether something is being monitored and whether something else should be checked out. I took that dream seriously because in the same dream, I saw landscapers coming to a spot near our house that had never been attended to before. There was no word of it being attended to either! However, guess what? Landscapers did arrive and put the bit of ground right.

It is so kind of God to give these sorts of confirmations to help us know the more important things that we have seen in a vision or a dream are not nonsense and are not to be ignored.

Now, let me stress that there is about twnety years in-between these two types of dreams with their own confirmation as it were. As far as I recall it has never happened like that apart from these two occasions. For me, they fall into the category of almost being a sign or a wonder. For me they are not usual or normal occurrences. They are signs pointing away from themselves to our Mighty God, our caring Father, His Son our Shepherd, who by the Holy Spirit still declares and demonstrates the presence of the already here but still to come Kingdom of Heaven. These things for me are signs that tell me the day we hope for of no sickness, no more death, no more pain, no more tears is really coming. It is not a vain hope. The confirming signs that give the flavour of the full day that is to come are a great comfort. Necessary? I guess not. Comforting? Yes.

Facebook is about the only way open to me now to speak or teach regularly about the things of the Spirit. I guess I am saying simply, don’t ignore your dreams. Learn to learn when they are from God and some pointers in seeing what God wants you to see.

If you want to honour the bible, honour the God who speaks in your dreams. He does so to honour His own word and to honour the Name of His Son, and because of HIs own kind affection for His people, the people He wants to lead, to guide, to encourage, to warn.

God Bless


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  1. Catherine says:

    This was how I came to be in Struthers church, God gave me a dream/vision 32 years ago, have been in fellowship since, God is great.


  2. Lesley Mackwell says:

    It was through a dream that my husband became a Christian. The Lord is so good to us, He opens the path before us and gives the grace for us to proceed. When life is difficult, because we are so weak, then His strength is seen more clearly in us. Thanks for this word Kenny. I sometimes wonder whether it’s the medication working overtime or the Lord speaking. Is it scriptural, is it loving and confirmed by someone or something outwith my control, will the Lord be glorified? Go with it… Surrounded by prayer.


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