Who is calling the tune?

“Right now!” seems to be a common phrase in prayer ministry settings: an insistence that something should happen right at that very moment of prayer, ministry etc. I think we need to be careful with that sort of insistence as though “right now” is the only God action that is acceptable. It could rob people of a very precious experience and blessing, namely the wonder that comes from waiting in faith and patient trust long after the “right now” folk have moved on in the ministry line to say “right now” over someone else who will be more cooperative and obliging!  It is a wonderful thing to be able to say, “This is our God . We have waited for Him.”

“Joy!” seems to be another catchword ministry phrase. Over insistence on immediate joy can rob folk of what they really need: the comfort that is promised by Jesus to those who mourn.

I think I am becoming more and more Pentecostal than Charismatic; believing more and more in the action of God rather whether “right now’ or after a wait of indeterminate length,  than following any method that is supposed to produce there and then results and seems not interested in leaving God any options or freedom  as to the manner of His working. 

Of course God regards faith  and the action that comes from genuine faith with favour; that is clear from the ministry of Jesus. However God is God. He does not have to dance to  the time beat of our tune much as we would like Him to. He is quite happy to be the out of sync dancer in the “Dashing White Sergeant”  or “Strip the Willow” and to joyfully throw everything and everyone else out of sync, turning a deaf ear and a blind eye to the frustration and annoyance of those who know how to perform the dance perfectly as they have many times before.

God Bless


3 comments on “Who is calling the tune?

  1. George Wilson says:

    Hi Kenny,
    Thanks for the blog!

    Can it not become a situation where we forget that God is Sovereign and we are not, when we use this form of language during prayer ministry?

    A situation where we put ourselves before God and forget also that He is the master of time and knows the end from the beginning!
    Our God who has a plan that is yet to be revealed and heals according to His perception, not ours.

    Do we at times forget to respond “You alone know Lord”, when he asks us whether these bones can become flesh?

    Blessings to all,


  2. Kim Ennis says:

    Have we made our God to size that fits us Like a tailored suit or a pair of walking shoes.? There is no off the shelf God but our God is one size that fits all.
    I am to remember this.


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