Sad day….

“Blessed are those who have regard for the weak…” (Psalm 41.1)

This is part of the same passage I quoted yesterday, only this time, I am using the N.I.V.

If you want to know where a society really stands morally and spiritually look at the way the weakest, those who have no voice, or whose voice is strangled before it can be heard, are treated.

The price of getting the Queen’s Speech through is that the way is to be opened for more unborn babies to be killed.

How sad this must make the God who sees their unformed substance, who watches over them as they are being knit together in the womb, sculpted from nothing into something, to borrow some words from the Message translation of Psalm 139.

Well, I believe that such tiny voices, have given utterance. On the basis of some principles in Psalm 8, I believe they chant the glory of God. It is part justice for now that their choir gets a specific mention in Scripture as being God ordained and appointed. There are so many of these tiny voices, a choir that is being added to daily. It must be a deafening sound of praise. Indeed it is louder than all the atheist babble of all the centuries past, present and to come. Even just one such voice is heard clearly by their Heavenly Father, and will not be disregarded by their Father, come that day.

Click here and take a look at this  and wonder….and pray….

God bless



One comment on “Sad day….

  1. George Wilson says:

    The babies who are effectively terminated had been succoured in the bosom of the Father from the beginning of creation to be born into the world at the time of His choosing!

    In their termination they could well be 1st through the gates into Heaven ahead of all of us!

    Did Jesus not say “suffer the little children to come unto me”?

    A serious thought to consider!

    Certainly worthy of a multitude of prayers incorporating

    “Father forgive us, we knew what we were doing, but didn’t fully understand or realise the consequences!”



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