Some comments on comments: Please read. Kenny

Dear folks

Some of you have who read my blogs on Word Press have been wondering about why comments you have sent to me have not appeared, or why you have received “awaiting moderation” messages. It is only fair to give an explanation of why I approve comments or not!

Just to clarify

1:I sometimes regret posting a blog I have posted and take it down as quick as I can as I see that they might not be as much from God or as wise as I had thought. Sometimes I get it wrong! However some of you are very quick off the mark  and send comments in the short time  between me posting a blog and removing it!  If you send in a comment to a non-existent blog, I cannot post it!

2: I sometimes cannot see the relevance of a comment to the blog it claims to pertain to, so posting such comments could confuse people and make them scratch their heads. I am a sort of compassionate soul, and tend to err on the side of publishing non relevant comments, but I will be tightening up on this. Best to make sure you have really read the blog and followed its drift if you can and make sure you are addressing its central message and have not just picked up the odd phrase that has set you off at a tangent, even though it may be a very interesting tangent!

3: I am quite happy to post comments I do not fully agree with so long as they do not grieve the Spirit of God within me by dishonouring Christ. We have our bibles to check out what I say in my blog or any comment people make, whether  what is being said is  true to the  text  of Scripture or not. Just remember the text of Scripture may well offend any theological school we consider ourselves to be followers of.

4: Sometimes I have no idea why I have not received a comment that someone may have sent! Be secure in the love of God. No one is rejecting you!

5: Occasionally I get sent extremely offensive messages from people! It is rare but it happens. Sometimes they express a hate and I know some have been written under the influence of alcohol, which makes me sad for the person involved. Such messages genuinely have no effect upon my peace. I have faced much worse words in 34 years in parish ministry!  They do not upset me for me at all, but I  am hardly going to approve  them.

6: Some comments are simply longer than my blog and go beyond being a comment, interesting though they are. Very long “comments” are not comments. They are either a take over, or  take things away often from the original purpose of any particular blog, which I try and make sure as best I can is God given to help people. If you have a desire to write at length , then there is nothing to stop you setting up your own WordPress Account for free. It is easy to do. You may well enjoy it as much as I do.

7: As far as I understand technical things, I believe what I post in Word Press also appears in Facebook. if that is how you read  my blogs I would still respectfully ask that you regard the above comments.

God Bless and keep commenting on Word Press, Facebook or by email. I love reading what you send. It is a great encouragement to me.


4 comments on “Some comments on comments: Please read. Kenny

  1. susiejean1 says:

    Message received and understood!


    • revkennyblog says:

      George, your comments have been very helpful in the past. If you ever feel uncertain after you have posted something, just let me know by Private Message on Facebook and I will delete it as soon as possible. God Bless. Peace be upon you brother! You are been a huge encouragement to me in the last couple of years especially.
      P.S. It was helpful that you posted this, as others may feel the same and be equally uncertain about what to do.


  2. George Wilson says:

    Hi Kenny,
    A “short” comment!

    There are times when I have commented and then after posting consider that I should not have commented but cannot delete the comment!
    If there were a way to do this, I would be easier in my being!
    We all mistakes, especially when my health upsets my thought process!



  3. Nancy Ball says:

    Dear Kenny I used to look forward to hearing you speak at CLAN when it was in ST ANDREWS. I was sorry when it moved on to the new venue. When I found out you are ill I was sad about it and pray that God will heal you. I am glad I found out about your blogs and look to reading them, may they continue for years to come. Thank you for the messages in them. God Bless You Nancy


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