“Maybe I have been a bit extreme…”

I recall hearing A.W. Tozer speaking of an occasion when he  visited a congregation one Sunday morning to preach; it was part of what would probably be called a “holiness” movement. As well as seeking to obey Scripture they also had historic  man made rules from their foundational years as a movement, to do with dress and other non central matters. However, the leadership, humble men of God,  had been doing a rethink. They thought it was maybe time to change some of their standards, as they seemed a bit out of place and unnecessary for the times. They asked Tozer for advice, as to what they should change as they felt rules had been taken too far in these early years. Tozer’s advice was this: “Change nothing. I am tired of churches that have not gone far enough.”

Having retold  the story, Tozer went on to suggest that if we had to build a nuclear shelter and built to 6 storeys depth underground but after an attack discovered that 4 storeys deep would have been enough to survive, it was unlikely that we would feel any regret we had gone further than necessary.

It is a worthwhile thought to think about in days when there is a strong pressure  even from within the “church” towards denouncing historic standards in the church,  long and humbly held to,  as legalistic religion, unnecessary, hypocritical and self-righteous by nature, and to only go as deep with Christ as we really have to in order to be saved. We are called to love Him with all our heart, soul, mind and strength.


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  1. Kim Ennis says:

    There is life a head of us.
    We shall go out with joy and be lead forth in peace.
    The trees of the field clap their hands.


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