The accelerating pace of UK insanity…

(I posted this on Facebook earlier re choosing our gender: I believe David Robertson has posted some much lengthier and weightier writing on this and offer material should you wish to write to an MP, MSP etc. What is posted here are just my gut reaction rumblings.)

Our Government: leading our children to go deeper into an increasingly enforced insanity: “You can change your ascribed gender just by saying so.” Wait for the explosion in mental health problems among children and young people and in the funding necessary for family counselling. The tip of the iceberg has already been sighted. It belittles and turns what can be a genuinely confusing and distressing experience and battle for some into a choice suggested and planted in vulnerable minds by the fundamentalist proselytisers of the religion of political correctness. Wicked and heartless. The tail continues to wag the dog….

Watching while sanity dies, touched by the madness and lies…

Help us bring light to the world

Come Lord Jesus!

2 comments on “The accelerating pace of UK insanity…

  1. phkmsltd says:

    I do agree – we are seeing the outworking, yet to be more fully revealed I am sure, of something very disturbing.

    Blessings, Paul


  2. Kim Ennis says:

    The tail wags the dog and the dog returns to his vomit.

    Jesus Christ is high over all
    He separates the wheat from the chaff
    Let the yield that brings forth sin not be presented as an offering.
    Let the threshing do its work and find a good crop of plenty .
    For all man kind for the kindness to man from God.


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