Extremely Urgent for some… this may save your soul, your marriage, your family, your ministry ….

You will know by now that from time to time I get what I consider are “words” from the Lord that are to be passed on. They feel very different from any guidance to write a blog. They sometimes come when asked for and sometimes completley unbidden. It is not my main ministry by any means but it is part of what has been entrusted to me and therefore something for which I am accountable. Well, for want of a better word, one such word has just come to me. It is for any who read this who may have a ministry that involves spending time away from your spouse, your family, loacl church; perhaps some sort of itinerant ministry, conference speaking ministry etc. Part of my ministry was just that, in days of better health.

Well, this is the word. or actually a question: “Why do you take with you on your ministry travels those you do take with you?”

I have wondered tabout hat in the past with some fellow speakers and looking back, regretted I did not have  the courage to ask them…. some seemed to make excellent choices,  others…..

God bless