Get rid of the scissors…

I could tell you quite a few verses/incidents/teachings in the bible that make me uncomfortable because their clear meaning is straightforward and unavoidable. Over the decades since my conversion I have sometimes “wished” they were not there. But they are still stubbornly there. Now, with the passing of the years, I am grateful that they are there; some, as I have regularly re-read and rediscovered them in their uncomfortable clarity have helped me see truths about God or about me.  Others…? Well, they are still there and they are still the Word of the God who is a God of faithfulness, without injustice, to whom I ascribe greatness; the God who is perfect in all of His ways. The one approach I can never agree with is dismissing such verses and cutting them out to make God in my own image, whose ways are subject to my permission and approval. Put down the scissors. It’s a humility sort of thing….

“Oh, how great are God’s riches and wisdom and knowledge! How impossible it is for us to understand his decisions and his ways

For who can know the LORD’s thoughts?

Who knows enough to give him advice?” (Romans 11; 33 and 34.)


God bless



One comment on “Get rid of the scissors…

  1. Kim Ennis says:

    i am thankful that you share Gods heart. Allowing me to be life and living.For some reason my thought s are often random to others
    I am reminded of when l was about six or seven when l was told that a piece of plastercine was a rubber.
    I used this until there was a hole in my page and l remember feeling very puzzled.
    Now l see that my gullibility creates similar experiences .
    Another time l was told to put my hand over a gas flame as it was nice and warm.
    Yea it was warm,warm for a few weeks l also cut my dolls hair down to the dots and waited for it to grow .When someone told me l would pop after eating l
    Lay in bed to frightened to move in case of spontaneous combustion.
    The assurance l seek is the only truth all else can end in a hole in my page ,so to speak ,a burn or a crippling fear.
    We are assured that God is love and that all things are under His authority for those that believe.That all His ways are just.
    I have learnt that my understanding of what is said still cannot be relied upon.
    However Gods love has a language that l can relate with .
    All that is required of me is to trust, Trust without the fear of harm.
    So l am trust that God has seen does see me . He has defined me cut around me.
    I see it is He that holds the scissors.I see that He has defined you also . I recognise the language of His love for His people.
    I appreciate this might seem all about me but it is not , this is not the picture it is only relevant to demonstrate definition.
    Who He is . Being defined because He has the scissors.


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