Another Lesson from the Kindergarten


God is always on speaking terms in the land of grace, but there are times when He chooses not to say anything. If ever folk are looking for a Word from God from you, If He is silent, don’t make something up. Be honest. Share a truth from the bible that is relevant but do’t make up a prophetic word just to “help” or to please people, or for that matter to look good in front of them! God is not interested in ministry being about helping His ministers to look good in front of folk!

In the era where Hyper Grace teaching is popular and sadly welcomed and applauded as true, leading many away from Scripture and from God Himself while claiming to be Scriptural, let’s remember that humility and integrity matter. The true grace of God in the Lord Jesus Christ, does not excuse us from establishing both in our lives. Without humility and integrity our lives will go askew and our ministry will be harmful to ourselves and others. They are part of the foundation stone which is Christ Himself.


God Bless


One comment on “Another Lesson from the Kindergarten

  1. Angela says:

    So apt!
    We are supposed to worship in Spirit and in truth…
    Discernment that ‘knows’ when it is the Lord speaking, comes from knowing Him; the sheep recognise the shepherd’s voice and won’t obey/accept a spoken word (voice) that is not from him.
    Now I need to get into my Bible, not read it yet today. If I don’t, that Voice will fade and become distant, easier to overlook.
    Instead of feeling comforted in a safe haven during time of physical weakness, I might feel trapped in a small prison…
    Blessings prayed for you and anyone else reading. 🙂


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