If only we asked how to use a gift…

Thinking about the tone or fragrance of Christ.

Was reading the work of A Scottish Christian writer today. Will not say who in case it puts you off reading their work should you come across it. As I read, I thought of these lines in my daily readings book:

“…what is thy gift to me
and do I use it to Thy pleasing?”

The writer I referred to above is brilliant with words, that is why I like looking at his writing from time to time…but the tone? Regularly inhumane and angrily judgemental, even cold and cruel with regard to his analysis of  human suffering. Sad… sad for him too. One day he may yet humbly ask God, “Why am I like this. Help me.”
How we use a gift matters: “Do I use it to Thy pleasing?”
Tone matters , it matters a lot. If we have a gift of teaching or preaching or some other speaking gift such as prophecy or interpretation of tongues and use that gift this coming Lord’s Day, let’s remember that.  For a lesson in tone, read the encounter between Jesus and the woman at the well. What did Jesus voice sound like when He said, “You have had five husbands and the man you are living with now is not your husband,” ?

God bless


One comment on “If only we asked how to use a gift…

  1. Angela says:

    Your question raises much that is so important about our wonderful Saviour.
    Very much like how did Jesus look at Peter as mentioned in Luke 22:61, after Peter denied he even knew Jesus.
    All our body language speaks volumes.


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