Thoughts from a cave…

I loved being in the cave of St. Fillan in Pitenweem earlier today.  I managed the walk down to the cave reasonably easily but the climb back up was a different story in terms of my lungs.  That is an understatement: I felt so wiped out! However I don’t regret the struggle at all.

There are stories of miracles associtated with St. Fillan which I guess we can never fully prove or disprove. Somehow though as I spent time in the cave meditating a bit and praying, I found myself mulling over some  familiar thoughts.

Whatever we make of the storeis of miracles surrounding St. Fillan, it is clear from the bible that God works wonders. I would hazard a  guess that much preaching that happens in churches on Sundays is to try and help people believe in God when He seems to be silent and not obviously active. Such teaching can be very helpful however I cannot help but wonder if there is a need to redress the balance. We need to believe  with equal clarity and conviction that God is a God of wonders, a God  who really does do great and mighty deeds.

I was given a present of a five year journal for Daily Reflection  for my birthday,  “Living Well One Line A Day.”  It is a journal type of book but entries are to be limited in length  to one or perhaps two written lines a day. . The book makes suggestions  in its opening pages as to what could be included in such daily entries. Fo rmyself though, I think I will use it  in this way: out of all the many houghts I have every day, what short sentence would sum up the truth I feel I don’t want to forget because it carries “Life” within it? After visiting St. Fillan’s cave in Fife I wrote this:

“I want to read the bible with this in mind: God is who He has always been and is doing what He has always done ( as John Paul Jackson said at CLAN Gathering).”  I want to believe for the Action of God.”

I simply leave that with you to mull over should you wish so to do.

God Bless


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  1. Kim Ennis says:

    He is the rock of peace.


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