Sunday afternoon retired rumination….

Just a throw away thought as I think about the church circles that I have been nost used to church wise, namely evangelical/charismatic:

It is good to think about why a bible text is given as it is and not use it to prove our already existent point of view or force it to back up our agendas and priorities. For example the gospels were not written to prove everyone gets healed today. We may believe that, but it was not the purpose for which the gospels were written. Nor were they written that we might know how to gain material prosperity or success or influence in the business world , nor were they written to justify bizarre ministry practices – e.g. based on Jesus smearing mud on somebody!

We seem to have a very keen ability to find a text to justify and back up everything we think ( 3 fingers pointing back at moi!), but that does not mean that what we are advocating is biblical. Quoting a text along with its reference does not mean we have the backing of the bible any more than a church where the bible is preached accurately means that church is a biblical church.

Word of warning while I am in this sort of mode: if somebody you are listening to teaching the bible thinks they have seen something about a biblical text that no one has seen before in the history of bible interpretation, it is probably wrong. I have heard some ministers actually say, “What I am going to tell you is something that no one has seen before. It is something that God has been teaching me personally.” Sometimes they will spout the most ridiculous nonsense about Hebrew or Greek to back up their point, usually preceded by a phrase, “Watch this! Watch what I am going to show you here. Watch this now!” Usually the material that is given a build up to expect a dramatic rocket type firework to explode into life and colour is more like a damp squib despite dramatic build up at the start and the asked for clapping and Hallelujahs at the end.

Reformation type Scriptural “Breakthrough” moments are relatively rare… Heresies claiming biblical revelation have been common place and continue to be so….

God Bless


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  1. Angela says:

    I see where you are coming from, Kenny.
    Your previous post gave me a ‘something not seen before’ moment, in the right way.
    It had been a long time since I read that verse (Luke 9:16) in the NLT.
    I sometimes find that alternative translations pierce my soul or understanding in ways that one version read most of the time did not.
    Have you heard of Jeff A Benner, author of the Ancient Hebrew Lexicon of the Bible?
    I came across an article of his today, about Cain and Abel, which was intriguing.


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