Breaking News! Announcing a New Christian Venture.

Maybe We should launch the following…
“K.I.T.T.E.N.S.  Keeping It True To Experience Network, Scotland:

A new gathering place for Christian  Lions to find their  deepest roar yet. Especially helpful to those promised much of “Kingdom Now” by many sincere people on many occasions, but who seem to be experiencing more frequently  “The Kingdom still to come,” though still walking with a limp  in faith, hope and love discovering what “More Lord” may yet mean for us here on earth.

No flowing mane or glistening fangs necessary. Only qualification for joining is scars, healed or non-healed  as at this present moment,  picked up while hunting for space  in which to live out the true grace of God,  as taught in His Word and found in His Son,  towards  friend and foe alike.

We recognise and honour wounds in one another but discourage wound comparison and  wound licking at our public meetings as highlighting the gore can be sickening.  We also note continuing in such practices publicly can become just a tad  repetitive, morbid, self indulgent and tend to cause reinfection rather than redirection. 

However, helping you find the  right time and place for helpful and purposeful wound tending practice  is something to which we are committed. It is a responsibility we have sometimes allowed ourselves to ignore in our youthful days, thus opening the way for quacks and the emergence of practices on which you will spend all you have going  hither and thither and be no better, but rather be worse. For this insensitivity toward those affected by it we unreservedly apologise.

Our aim is to  learn together to honour the Wounded Lamb who in His weakest moment  defeated and healed us all and dealt a death blow  beyond healing to that species of prowling lion dedicated to His and our extinction from the face of the earth and lands beyond. The wounds of the Lamb  are proving to be both our healing  and  the path of restoration for our tired and padded paws into our God granted right of grace to roam  in the territory of His inheritance.”

Just dreaming….

God bless


5 comments on “Breaking News! Announcing a New Christian Venture.

  1. judithjamesdavies says:

    I humbly give thanks for encouragement in the fight. We know ” we are on the winning team” but it’s good to know that we do not stand alone when what we see does not yet line up with what we believe . Thank you Kenny for not ” sugar coating ” the message. We still serve an awesome God and one day we’ll no longer see in a mirror darkly but we’ll understand all things .


  2. Janice Tinlin says:

    Love this!


  3. Morag Borthwick says:

    Count me in then X


  4. Angela says:

    Speechless, at first, when reading your post, Kenny!
    Trying to understand why, I think maybe due to never witnessing public glorifying of wounds rather than the healer; and because I love poetic language, and love the Lord in his mixture of intimate Abba and powerful Judge.
    Or maybe because the nature of your descriptions concerning Him are full of His essential character which produces awe in His presence, and there He is; alive in your writing, inducing worship, reducing me to silent wonder.


  5. Lesley says:

    Love this Kenny. Think it was what the Lord was meaning when he gave Peter the task of feeding lambs 🐑. Being real isn’t something many Christians excel at , bringing people fwd for prayer now that’s a different story especially, if they are in a wheelchair. 😂


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