The New at best is The Old…

Was very blessed through reading Ezra 3 this morning. It was the Scripture reading for for today in David Strutt’s book, “Sanctuary.” Take time to reread that passage soon. As I read about the people of God rebuilding the altar of God, establishing the foundations for a new temple, observing in their own land an obedience to old commands, it gave rise to the folliwing thoughts which I share with you here, thoughts to do with the interconnection of “old” and “new.”

Thought 1:

Moving into something new with God is really going back to discover somewhere or other something in Him we were never meant to have lost or to have left behind just because it was old. It is, for example,  discovering in our now when confronted with  an impassable  desert, the God who of old once made a path through an uncrossable sea for others.

Thpught 2:

A  new beginning of obedience to timeless commandments breathes fresh emotions of joy mingled with weeping into the experience of salvation by grace. When we are excited to obey God’s laws we are living in the  flowing,  sparkling waters of the true grace of God rather than paddling in circles in  the stagnant pond of cheap grace.

Lost a sense of wonder? Rediscover the light footed happiness of the early days of your born again life:   experience the laughter of a 3 legged race of obedience with its spills and thrills, its bruises and triumphs,  bound at the leg  by an inseverable heaven tied knot to your enduring childhood friend called Grace.

God bless