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A couple of thoughts to spark off your own thinking. No need to post your thoughts unless you want to!

Many churches think about John the Baptist at some point in Advent:

Firstly: John the Baptist, according to Jesus, was greater than anyone else born of women, including all the prophets, yet he performed no miracles unlike Elijah in whose spirit and power he had appeared and lived and ministered. There was something about him more important than miracles ( as indeed there was about Elijah) that merited honouring from Christ. What was it?

Secondly: John was greater than anyone born of woman but, according to Jesus, the very least in the Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of heaven, is greater than he. What is that greater greatness? Again it cant be anything to do with miracles as John was considered greater than any of the miracle working prophets, or those who had taken remarkable steps of faith in the Old Testament. So what is the greater greatness of the children of the Kingdom?

…maybe a 3rd. question, just for free!

Thirdly: According to Jesus, his disciples (and their successors) would do “greater works” than the disciples had seen him do up until the moment he made that prediction? What are the greater works? “Greater” is an interesting word in John’s Gospel. Maybe you will find clues in your thoughts about question 1 and 2. I have also thrown in a clue in the way I have framed question 3.

Happy Advent Mulling and Christmas Cogitating!


God Bess