For you … chewed up, spat out by church?

Woke up with the image of someone who has served the Church so well. I know who they are, but I think they were representative of many who have done that and become tired out and a bit disillusioned, which may be you! Whatever, into that God seemed to speak. This too may be for you:

“You have stored up so much knowledge about the church as system. You have understood its components in a detailed and intricate way. You have been a true workman in a shed. That shed is full of shelves that speak of painstaking work and analysis achieved through involvment and getting your hands dirty in the good sense. Many paid lip service to your knowledge but few embraced it or put it into practice. An expert damned by the faint praise and insincere smiles of appreciation of people you sought to serve for Jesus’ sake and glory.

Somewhere in the shed, hidden away in the furthest corner from the door, is an overcoat and some boots, on a coat stand, gathering dust. Put them on. Whatever the future of your expertise, leave that to me. There are times and seasons for everything under the sun. For you, this is a season of recovery from church as system, a system which often chews up and spits out the very best of God’s offered blessing and goodness. Put on the coat and boots. Come afresh into the open air of God. Often people know me and long for me as fire and warmth. I am inviting you into a walk with me that is like the thrill of the coldness of a frosty morning under the clearest of bright skies that will shock your spiritual senses awake and bring back child like mirth. I can restore your enthusiasm, your filled-with-God-ness, so much so that even in those intensely dark moments which oppress you, you will know that with coat and boots on, you can go out and find frosty glistening light shining like twinkling stars on the darkest path. For you, this is a season of lightness of spirit being restored. Believe again for a joy that knows no limit.”

Hope this helps a few of you.

God Bless


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  1. judithjamesdavies says:

    May it be Lord. Thank you for your faithfulness in bringing Gods Word Kenny


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