Who knows when?

Greater or lesser injustice replacing greater or lesser injustice seems to be the best the nations can manage as government follows government or regime follows regime or administration follows administration etc….even when the bible is held aloft by token or sincere gesture or by constitutional statement in some form or another. There are wonderful stories of forgiveness and reconciliation, but so often the oppressed become the oppressors when they are set free…it is, sadly, understandable.

“How long O Lord. Your Kingdom Come! For the sake of the oppressed now and in days ahead, ‘Come again, Lord Jesus. Bring everything to completion. I know You are not wiling that any should perish, that all should come to repentance, therefore you wait, you allow things to go on. I sort of get that and sort of don’t to be honest, for so many of my fellow human beings suffer so many terrible things that I have never faced. It is all so unfair. It is not my faith that is troubled by this, but rather my heart and mind. You do all things well. Even so, I cannot hide my truest prayer about it all: ‘Come quickly Lord Jesus, please come, that the promise of justice and peace kissing one another might be fulfilled.’  Meanwhile, as a second best stop-gap answer (in my limited vision but sincere opinion), help us to be a sure and certain sign of that hope. I will always feel though, that really is the second best answer to my prayer, the one I am willing to embrace more than the one I really want. Your will, not mine be done, Sovereign Lord. You don’t need my counsel, the very idea is laughable if it were not blasphemous, but thank you for access to you to be truly real with you.”

God bless you…and more than you

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  1. Kim Ennis says:

    l pray that we might be strengthened For in our weakness He is to be found strong.
    God bless


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