In the spaces between the molecules of this present age…..

“The Kingdom of heaven is near.” Just thinking over difficult moments in my life with regard to that truth. So often at such times I have experienced that truth as the touch of divine gentleness and kindness, as gentle but as real as the brush of a butterfly’s wing upon my hair. It is so real as to be tangible. God comes into our sadnesses in this fallen world with kindness that says, “I know, I know….I am with you, with them, in the shadow lands of the coming brightness.” The touch of the butterfly wing of God often goes  unnoticed even by believers.  Should Almighty God not be more substantial than that? Well, He made the butterfly and the lion.

As a charismatic, I love manifestations of the Spirit when they are the real thing.  I regret sometimes that all that people seem to accept as being acceptable in such circles is when God steps in to overturn a situation with raw power, though of coruse it is wonderful when He does that and a cause of  high praise. There have been claimed manifestations of the roar of the Lion of Judah in recent years in charismatic meetings and occasionally that has been very genuine and changed the very atmosphere of a gathering releasing the roar of God Himself against the enemies of human wellbeing. There has been manfiestation of the Warrior roar crying “Freedom” and very occasionally that has been real as well and more than a sort nationalisitic fervour or  release of emotion. We have had macho preaching that has stung like a bee which is once in a blue moon genuinely the Word of the Lord. I have yet to see someone fluttering around manifesting the Maker of butterflies! No doubt that has happened or it will happen in some meeting somewhere  and on occasion  it will be genuine, but I have never seen that yet. I am not sure why.

An overemphasis of any truth becomes an error that stops people finding what God is actually doing, including the truth I am seeking to set forth here.  However, state the truth I must, in the hope that it might just be the particular truth from Jesus that some of you need to hear this very day, a truth that will set you free. Gentle kindness in the midst of an unaltered situation is a wonderful miracle, very precious indeed: indeed to me  it is one of the most treasured treasures of the Mystery of the presence of the coming Kingdom. In a world that is often aggressive and intolerant of weakness, a world that gets angry when things don’t go according to our wishes and sense of justice, gentle kindness can be very counter cultural, the sign of another Kingdom, another world making its presence known where the moleclues of this world’s thinking have become broken, stretched apart, creating many holes through which truth can shine. There are indeed parallel universes intertwined with one another. Faith sees that.

May you taste of the Kindness of the Lord, whoever you are and whatever you are going through: may you help others to taste of that kindness too.

Click here and it might just make you smile!

God Bless



9 comments on “In the spaces between the molecules of this present age…..

  1. judithjamesdavies says:



  2. Lynn says:

    Once again, Thank you !!!


  3. Kim Ennis says:

    I sing a song!
    When l feel the touch of your hand upon my life
    It causes me to sing a song that l love you Lord
    So from deep within my spirit singeth unto thee that
    I love you Lord.

    I feel Gods touch as internal
    My outer skin has become insensitive , hardened to the world.
    So l see the butterfly land but cannot feel it
    I watch the butterfly as it s movements are so light.
    The butterfly visits and responds to the fragrance to calling.
    Come here ,Go there.. It keeps my gaze..
    It is true that the butterfly goes unnoticed but this is our gift and blessing
    as we see its flight, each landing then l am touched inside.
    I take flight.


  4. john bathgate says:

    Wonderful thoughts, beautifully and powerfully expressed. Thanks Kenny.


  5. Amanda Etheridge says:

    Dear Kenny and Morag
    So good to have a new post to ponder on and be blessed by! Also Kim Ennis’comment and reaction blessed me too.
    Thank you.


  6. Gail Brooks says:

    Thank you Kenny, very moving. Your message today really touched my heart.
    It also reminded me of a song by a Christian band based in Cornwall called Ghost.


  7. Angela says:

    I love that song quoted by Kim above!
    His gentle touch is so precious, so reassuring.
    It has been my source of strength throughout various situations that are, to me, traumatising and not just difficult.
    I am referring to things that cause an aftermath of intermittent shaking.
    A friend who watched her husband die of bowel cancer, experienced this reaction after he was gone.
    God knows. His compassion never fails.
    The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases.


  8. Kim Ennis says:

    Just viewed the clip of the dog and the butterfly.
    It did indeed make me smile.


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