In praise of Rescue Centres…

Believing and declaring God’s Word over ourselves must go hand in hand with honesty before God in the secret place about what is happening in our hearts, which at times will be in line with the Word we are believing and declaring and at times will be quite different. To hold these ingredients together is to worship in Spirit and in Truth.

Today as I woke I saw that some who will read this, are in fellowships that without meaning to do so, foster dishonesty, demanding a forced brightness and joy in the name of so called ‘faith’ which isn’t! To gain acceptance and approval you have had to mask the distresses of your heart, to mask even that some of you are on the Autism Spectrum, that you have Aspergers, or that you are on antidepressants or antipsychotic medication etc. It is making ‘going to church’ an increasing experience of what could truly be called terror, to the point of fearing a panic attack may well happen.

I knew this morning that God had seen your distress and has come down to rescue you. I honestly don’t know how that rescue will come, but come it will. It may be that God will touch and heal your distresses in what you will recognise as a miraculous way. It may be your fellowship is going to become a safer place for you and others like you as a spirit of control is uncovered, acknowledged and repented of. It may be that God will help you find a gathering you have not yet found that will be like a rescue centre for mistreated dogs; a place of healing where first steps of trust can be renewed in an atmosphere of consistent kindness; a place where the corporate expression of perfect love will cast out every fear of what would happen to you if what you struggle with were to come out and be discovered.

May the gentle touch of God be upon you. Be still, if that is possible for you and be aware His hand is upon you. Even if you cannot be still this day, may the Lord’s kind hand be upon you. Whatever you declare today, may you also cast all your anxieties upon the One who cares for you beyond all our combined faith.

God bless


6 comments on “In praise of Rescue Centres…

  1. Kim Enni says:

    I find coming together in a Christain community can lack my authencity
    But l understand that l have a different perspective and that what is relative to one may not be to another.Be that Autism or chemical affliction of depression, gifting etc
    It is more than present circumstance that connects me for my terror is present circumstance.This living.
    I love how God encourages me .
    The Holy Spirit in me has given perseverance.l hear Gods word.Spoken to me as if l was the only one . I see detail in people the detail of God.
    My authencity created by God to be authenticated not by people but by the Spirit of God.
    Sometimes God is recognised in me but for most part Godis not seen and l am reminded how small God appears to others and how afflicted they are
    l know who has been my saviour.
    I trust for He knows me.
    I have known Him and what He offers.
    It is a love that is about and around me but not about me , not always in me .
    This inclusion is Gods authencity..
    I have learnt to be dis honest to survive and be included
    But to know inclusion comes from Him for me .
    I think it is good to just be loved To just love others as Gods loves me.


  2. Lynn says:

    I too learnt at a very young age to be dishonest, to not be a nuisance, to not express myself if it meant disagreeing with those around me, especially when and especially if, they had a position of authority over me, for fear of hurting/upsetting someone else.
    But Thank You, Thank You Abba, for You don’t leave anyone defenceless against these things but You can and Do restore to those who ask You, the years the locusts had eaten !!!
    God Bless you Kenny !!!!


  3. Kim Enni says:

    I am welcomed as a faithful trusted pet that has learnt to walk to heel.
    However this is not the love of God to me .
    For there is more.


  4. Linda Watson says:

    Thank you, Kenny. I read yesterday that it’s not being good that sets us free but the truth.


  5. Amanda Etheridge says:

    Dear Rev.Kenny and Morag

    What a remarkable and heart-warming post, crafted by a heart warmed by the Father’s Love.

    Thank you.


  6. Angela says:

    When I sense a controlling spirit over anyone, it comes with intimidation and other physical reactions in me.
    There is no point in confronting that. Prayer and intercession, standing firmly on the Rock if they confront you, speaking only what the Lord allows, in his Spirit of truth, protects you and the church’s unity.
    It is wise also to speak only what the Lord brings to mind when confronted by someone not influenced by controlling attitudes but genuinely hurting.
    If it is church leaders who are exerting wrong control over people, I won’t go there to worship. It is oppressive.
    We all have weaknesses and hurts that some may, more than others, find it impossible to share even in an atmosphere of acceptance and trust and honour.
    The Lord’s compassion will overcome.
    Without the Lord as healer, Saviour, king etc in my own life, I’d be no good to others; no good to stand under attack; no good to endure; no good to grow in wisdom; unable to admit mistakes and move on.
    May the Lord reign on our thoughts about our own disabilities, and those of others.


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