“Mmm…I don’t think they believe me….”

Have read accounts from some of my wacky Charismatic brethren about visits to heaven and meeting Heaven’s Finance Minister. I like wacky. I like it a lot. However, I also have my bible, which along with the witness of the Spirit  is really the only authority I have by which I can try and check out what is real and what is probably, well, just a flight of fancy.

So then, sorry, but when I read the bible, I find that Heaven’s Finance Ministers are here on earth to be seen and heard every day. I don’t read of such fellows walking about the throne room or its environs somewhere. In fact they are flying over our heads, singing their songs. I read about them today in Luke 12 and heard them singing in the garden: the birds. They tell me the manifesto of the Kingdom of Heaven: “Your Father knows, so don’t worry.”

I guess some of you may have had some interesting spiritual experiences. I have had had a few myself, which I know happened, but equally well know I could never prove to everyone else as being real events and of God. It does not put me off sharing these happenings. Others are allowed not to believe them if the only authority is my say so with no authority beyond myself. Allow that freedom. Don’t get offended or all defensive if folk look doubtfully at you when you share all your stories… and don’t try and ram your mystical experiences down others’ throats because you are upset or angry at their cool response.

In the meantime, I am grateful for Heaven’s Finance Ministers in my garden this day… who are also telling me their food is a bit late…but they are waiting, trusting…. and come to think of it, some of their antics as they do so are a bit wacky, endearingly so.

God bless