Six days before the Passover, the Passover lambs were thoroughly checked for imperfections. If none were found, their feet were anointed with oil. Two days before Passover, they were checked again, and if it was confirmed they were without defect, they were anointed upon their heads.

According to John 12, Jesus’ feet were anointed by Mary six days before the Passover. According to Mark 14, a woman, whose name we don’t know anointed Jesus head two days before Passover. “On the mount of the Lord it shall be provided.” “My Jesus, God’s precious sacrifice!” By the way, these two women were more in tune with Jesus and his approaching sacrifice than any men! Jesus deeply appreciated the insightfulness of their love. It must have been like a beautiful refreshing stream, from which He drank with gratefulness, as the cross drew ever nearer…

Moving on to Good Friday: around Christ’s head and feet as He hung on the cross, the perfume of insightful, appreciative love infiltrates the darkness, the first fruits of a harvest still being reaped…fruit from His travail…

May Christ, seated at the right hand of His Father and our Father, be surrounded by the fragrance of our appreciative love this Holy Week.

God bless


5 comments on “Fragrance…

  1. Angela says:

    Thanks for that illuminating info on significance of anointing six and two days before Passover; I never knew that till you wrote it here!
    The song is one we sang last night at a Holy Week service. 🙂


  2. Amanda Etheridge says:

    Dear Rev.Kenny and Morag

    Beautiful and beautiful! The meditation and the hymn, thank you and God bless you this Eastertide.



  3. Robert N says:

    That’s beautiful Kenny. Just about to take a Maundy Communion service. Perfect preparation.


  4. Alison Black says:

    Pure gold. Thank you so much, Kenny.


  5. Effie Alexander says:

    That is a beautiful illuminating insight. Thank you Kenny and every blessing in Christ.


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