In praise of messy eating habits…

Sundays, I get up earlier than other days of the week,  to take a medicine that I only take once a week. It has to be taken an hour after I have been up and I cannot eat anything or take other medication until another hour has passed. As every Sunday, so this Easter Sunday, however, what is a bit of a chore was a joy today. Thought these thoughts in the still brighntess of Easter Morning and share them with you here:

Has a smile dawned on your face yet, this Easter Morning? May joy and laughter bubble up from your resurrected spirit, the place where the truth of the empty tomb is most deeply known and never doubted, and may your body, mind and emotions be refreshed in that overflow!

Especially if you are troubled in mind or emotions or your body seems anything like a blessing, take time to listen to the gurgling stream permanently rising in your spirit: “Lives again our glorious King! Where, O death, is now thy sting? Once He died, our souls to save, where thy victory O grave?”

Despite the coldness of the weather, what an added blessing as I look out the window…the sun is bright, the primroses are blooming, there is colour and life! Everything in God’s temple of creation shouts, “Glory!” Join in with the primroses! Who knows what lingering night darkness in your soul may be frightened away by your shout of praise?

One thing distracted me from praise: a messy eater! Annoyed big time at a tiny wee bird, at the feeder. For every seed he/she eats he/she is scattering a hundred more to a 2 metre radius. Could he or she  not reat my generosity with more respect?  All that seed being flung about carelessly will attract rats, vermin…..The Holy Spirit laughs within and says, “God loves a messy eater!” I look again. 20 birds or more are happily hopping about the ground, feeding on the overspill of this bird who unknown to himself/herself was causing me such anguish of mind!. So the Holy Spirit seems to want to say this: “Stuff yourself full of Christ this Easter, but be a messy eater!”  Even if others think you are a bit ill mannered, eat enthusiastically and leave a mess of seed wherever you go.

Because of the ministry of messy eaters known by name or unkonwn,   there can be  baptismal services such as the one  I hope to get out to tonight. It will be packed out not only with beleivers but with non beleivers, there in curiostiy and love to support a family member in what they are doing. I will need to be there early to have any hope of finding a seat. What better way to celebrate the aliveness of Jesus than to rejoice in the ongoing story of lives saved and changed through the seed of Christ and His Kingdom being shared and spread abroad?

God Bless


2 comments on “In praise of messy eating habits…

  1. Lynn Lindsay says:

    Oh God Bless you Kenny !!!!!
    Praise God too that He Loves us regardless of how culturally or socially acceptable our eating may be !!!!!


  2. Elisabeth Hendry says:

    Well Kenny I too was smiling ,on the shore with many who loved the Lord. Felt. Blessed,love to all Bibby


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