To all knife throwers….

Have just deleted a sarcastic/humorous post about Christian T.V. channel “what I wrote,” to quote Ernie Wise, after watching it in the wee small hours due to sleeplessness. The thoughts in the now defunct and discarded post may have been true enough, but it was not kind. Remembering that we are judged in the same measure we judge and that if we judge not we shall not be judged should lead to the sound of knives dropping to the ground more often than that sound is actually heard… If you want to make any comments about the difference between judging and being judgemental, please don’t. You are missing the point.

I should say that a non-shouting, Jesus-in-her-face-and-voice woman who just came on screen ten minutes ago, was the instrument God used to make me think again….

So, I have set in place again my normal rules/ self imposed guidelines which I usually try and follow. Along with questioning, “Is the thing I am about to say true?” there are another couple of questions that are worth asking. “Is is kind?” and, “Will it help anyone in any way?” By the way, that does not mean I am giving up my Glaswegian humour! That is a gift of God to the world at large and to a far too often far too serious Christian Church. If you want to write a comment about that, please don’t do that either. Just laugh your annoyance off. You will feel better if you do.

There is all the difference in the world and in the eyes of God for that matter between “cleverness” and “wisdom.” Cleverness seems to like to vaunt itself with many words. The bible is not a very big book. The words of eternal life are few in number…

As Sunday approaches, try dropping the knives, rather than carrying them to the pulpit or the pew.

God bless


2 comments on “To all knife throwers….

  1. john bathgate says:

    Oh yes.


  2. Angela says:

    Thank you for your honesty and wisdom, Kenny.
    Patience, gentleness, kindness.. some of the fruit of the spirit that don’t grow without my desire to become more like Jesus.
    Some might merit my turning on them but I am on the receiving end of mercy given with joy, demonstrated by Jesus willingly submitting to death by crucifixion.
    Mercy with cheerfulness can be very challenging to our instinct for striking back.
    May that gift grow along with the fruit of the spirit.


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