All sums have the same answer…

The simple, true-in-every-circumstance calculation of faith: “Those who are with us are more than those who are with them.” In Christ it is always true. Get hold of that and you can stop all nervous working out the answer to a testing sum, throw away the Abacus on which you are trying to find the solution to relational, emotional, physical, mental and spiritual difficulties, anxiety about finding a way through. Calm your fidgeting fingers and wait, looking for the path of grace to unfold . The above quote from Scripture has held me in great peace over the years, not least in this last week….Oh and remember when you can only see option A or B as an answer to the sum you are trying to work out, God has options A to Z and back again and more….so…rest.

I am reminded of the most relaxed farmer I have ever known, Raymond, who lives on Stronsay. He was church beadle when I was minister there from 1984 – 1989. I once asked, in days that were particularly diffiuclt for farmers if he was worried and losing sleep. He gave a shy smile, and said in his familiar lovely quiet voice, “No, I never worry. I just add up what is walking about in the field and compare it with what I owe the bank and so long as it is a bit more, I am happy.” Finding a simple calculation when everyone else is getting lost in complexity, is a great blessing.

God Bless