Well, what is on my mind today is this. I started to attend a Heart Rehab prgramme yesterday, after my recent heart attack. It was a very postive and helpful experience, I am glad to say! It set me thinking as I was praying this morning. I think I discovered something yesterday, or re-discoverd it at least, namely some of the ingredients of fellowship that maybe we forget in the church. Of course our fellowship as Christians is “in Christ”, but fellowship as a positive living experience among believers needs more than a shared belief, more than a doctrinal basis, essential though the truth of Christ is. What did I find in the fellowship of Heart Rehab?

….it was a safe place to be vulnerable. People spoke openly about physical, mental and emotional struggles. Such confessions were received with friendliness and warmth.

…there was an immensely all pervasive atmosphere of thanksgiving and gratefulness. Each participant was very vocal in their thankfulness for those running the programme. They were also very appreciative of one another and expressed in feedback that one to one conversations over the weeks had been some of the deepest they had experienced in their lives: there had been a sharing of thoughts/fears/outlook that had never been shared before with anyone.

…there was a lack of competitiveness. No one was seen as a rival. There was mutual encouragement to do the best we could do and keep that as a goal.

…warm encouragement was given to the newest member of the group – ME – both by those leading and the other participants. They encouraged me not to be afraid of this new experience, spoke about what they felt at the start etc.

…there was a cheerful expectation of meeting one another again. People enjoyed one another’s company and it showed.

There is nothing particularly spiritual about the word for “fellowship” in the bible, Koinonia, though I remember back in the 70’s and 80’s in Charismatic circles, it was a word often spoken out loud with a sense of mystery approaching awe. Of course in Christ there is something distinct about Christian fellowship, but nonetheless maybe we need to learn from other settings where fellowship is truly evident and enjoyed.

Just because as believers we have something that makes the fellowship we share unique does not mean we have found or embraced the essentials which make fellowship happen.

God bless


4 comments on “Fellow-ship-mates

  1. Angela says:

    There’s much to ponder on that. Thank you. Glad it was such a positive experience, sounds amazing.
    It compares more to my experience in small homegroups over the years rather than at larger Christian gatherings.


  2. Amanda Etheridge says:

    Dear Rev.Kenny and Morag,

    I hope and pray you both are well and your family also.

    Rev Kenny, when I red this Post I thought about Esther who had been brought to the Kingdom ‘for such a time as this’ and indeed was able to save her People from certain destruction. It seems you have gained access to an exclusive group of people (Heart Rehab) who may have never experienced the Father’s Love, and along comes a humble lad who is Kenny the Brave Heart!

    May God bless you as you reach these folk.



  3. Nancy Ball says:

    Hi Kenny sorry I hadn’t heard about your heart attack till know and understand how scary it is at the time. I had heart bypass a year and 8 months ago and had to attend rehab exrizise class’s afterwards and meet some really nice people who encourage each other along the way on that course. It is good meeting others in the same boat. Wishing you all the best. God Bless and be with you on this new journey back to health again. Nancy


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