God save us from highfalutin prayer!

Abba loves to hear the voices of His children! Dont get too highfalutin , too high brow about prayer, what it is and isn’t. Just speak to Abba and try and listen to Him too. Remembering when my children started to speak to me. It did not even matter one jot to me that it was not proper sentences. I did not send them away until they had learned to speak properly. Oh, how unsure we are that Abba affectionately loves us more than the best and most affectionate t of earthly fathers – whom Jesus described as evil in comparison to our heavenly Father! Just make sounds if you can’t think of the words… who knows where that may take you in the Spirit. Abba will love that sound. He is good at knowing what we are trying to say, even though nobody else listening in would have a clue. There are times when what is happening is just between you and Him.

Oh by the way, iIf you are in ministry, I hope you haven’t had Abba, Daddy, trained out of God or the child trained out of you. What use will your public prayers be to anyone if that has happened? More than one writer on spiritual life has said we are at our most universal when we are most personal. Let people eavesdrop in your relationship with Abba. That is what made the disciples say to Jesus, “Teach us to pray…”

Praying your will know the Father’s kiss and embrace invading your times with Him.

God bless


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  1. Simon Lace says:

    Hi Kenny

    Thanks for this blog and the revkennyblog in general. Thanks too, for your incredible teaching on John 17 at New Wine (2011). The first time the bible had been fully revealed to me and left an idelible impression, I am so grateful. I now lead a church and strive to bring the living word to people in the same life-changing way that you did for me, So, so grateful. Bless you in your continuing ministry.


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