“And Jesus did call apart Peter, James and John and they did enter a room and sit down….”

With the help of David Strutt in today’s comments in “Sanctuary, Moments in His Presence” I was thinking about the fact that people watched Jesus, “insidiously.” Not a nice word and not a nice experience. The amazing thing is that it did not seem to disturb Jesus at all! If we are secure in our Father’s love, these types of things are like arrows that fly over our heads but do not land!

Goodness me, how much time we waste thinking about people thinking about us! “Are they thinking about me properly, justly, are they relating to me rightly, fairly?” Give it up! Grow up even! Remember your time is actually God’s time and Kingdom time. In all sorts of ways we need to remember we are to have this mind in us that was in Christ! We are not our own, we have been bought with a price. Such concerns have no place in the life of Abba’s Child.

I honestly believe that in terms of the Kingdom, we will never reach our potential if we do not triumph over these insecurities and rest in our belovedness. For our own sake, God will limit opportunities open to us, because with greater anointing comes greater adverse and unjust human reaction. Spirituality is at least in part about learning to close the time gap between a happening and reacting to it as a child of God. It would be unkind of God to place you into a calling you feel is for you, until you get the security issue settled, until you meet injustice against you unfazed, and meet potentially insecurity inducing treatment with security.

Sadly the Church is not always Kingdom minded. It fails to see people that should have wider opportunities opened up to them and sometimes opens up wider opportunities to those who will be harmed by that and harm others at the same time. The Church, even in its leadership, does not always have the mind of Christ. Even those who often seem to have, don’t always get it right all the time. I have seen some of the most prophetically gifted leaders I know making disastrous appointments, even suggesting wrong marriage partnerships to people!

We must never become insensitive to truth about ourselves we need to see, even when it is extremely painful and may mean a whole new way of seeing and being in certain aspects of who we are not and who we are in God. But we can never become who we are meant to be if we continually need to feel we are in a safe environment, or if we do not get over reacting strongly or in a prolonged way to the negative or bad behaviour of others toward us….

It was a helpful word to think about today, based on the story of Jesus being watched closely, or insidiously at a meal in Luke Chapter 14….. How gloriously free Christ was to take his cue from His Father who loved Him…. Remember we are “In Christ” as believers, living in His belovedness, in the delight of His Father and ours. Get hold of that and you have the base established for Kingdom of God joy, unruffled personal peace about yourself, and usefulness. Set upon great security in your belovedness, we make ourselves available for increasing adversity, increasing injustice, increasing suffering, and increasing anointing. We can’t get to the last one on that list without setting out to conquer in the other areas rather than being tripped up by them. Resting in our blessedness is the place where we will conquer. From there, it will be safe for us to be trusted with the works and even the wonders of God as He calls and sees fit.

And Jesus did call apart Peter, James and John, and they did enter a room and sit down and talk in angst together: “Did you see the way they were looking at me at meal time? I am really hurt by it. It is so unfair, so unjust. I don’t know how to move on from here.”… NOT!

God bless


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  1. Angela says:

    Very valid.
    Immature Christians, or those damaged by severe trauma, neglect etc when young cannot conform to that without much loving help, sound teaching, determination and acceptance when they fail.
    Unconditional love has to be experienced by trusted fellow believers for progress to maturity in areas where they are stuck in the past and may not realise it.
    When it is clear that professional help is needed, judging them (not saying you do but some will) for their fear, their inability to admit what they do subconsciously to protect themselves from further wounding, won’t help.
    What you describe is the goal we aim for. None of us fully reaches it 100% of the time, if at all.
    How do you help a liar when their denials are self protection? So much is shame based and/or developed out of lack and neglect in their youth.
    If they want to change and grow, our support and time invested will help them become fruitful in honesty or whatever is the opposite of current behaviour.
    Forgiveness and love cover so many sins and create an atmosphere where confession and restoration might thrive.
    This is close to my heart, having dealt for many years with a liar and manipulator in marriage. Sorry if this is too long, bless you.


    • revkennyblog says:

      Indeed, it is the task of Christian fellowship to show a love that casts out all fear, and do that until security in the love of God is established in even the most troubled or fearful heart.


  2. Heather says:

    Have just re-read this. Yet another teaching from you that is personally so relevant. I hope I can print this off because I need to repeatedly read it to absorb into my heart!


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