At ease…

Jesus, in John Chapter 4, was so at ease with the Samaritan woman at the welll of Sychar – a despised woman in a town despised by other Samaritans and called “Drunkenness”, in a country despised by the Jews – that He told her who He was: He didn’t self disclose to any other individual in the four gospels. In the process of their conversation, she gradually got to a place of being at ease with Him. From that place, she seemed to move into a place of being at ease with herself and at ease living in relationship with others in her community.

Anyway, I am running ahead of myself…indeed a sermon is unfolding in ma heid right at this moment! I really just wanted to ask you if you believe Jesus is at ease with you today? Does He enjoy being with you? I am not asking you to spout forth the “right” answer. What do you think, honestly and truthfully?

God bless


8 comments on “At ease…

  1. Lynn Lindsay says:

    So Wonderful !!! He knows everything about us and loves us just the same, and loves us enough to call us to Come and not leave us where we are or stuck striving on our own either to try and make things better on our own !!!
    Such Love !!! Such Grace !!! And what a Wonderful Saviour !!!!


  2. Alison Black says:

    I love this post, Kenny!


  3. Noella Ross says:

    Yes, I love this post. I need to be reminded to stop striving and just enjoy Him.


  4. Angela says:

    Perhaps it’s more that Jesus is at ease with all of us but discloses only to certain ones for specific purposes?
    It was only after His disclosure and knowledge of her history became apparent that the woman then became at ease with Jesus.
    Always a wonderful story with all its implications of Jesus going against cultural norms to reach someone and make a difference.
    As others above have delighted in knowing He knows us, so did this woman thousands of years ago.


  5. gregshore says:

    I immediately thought of being at ease in terms of evangelism. Jesus reveals something deeply personal about himself, thereby inviting her in to a relationship with him and engendering trust.


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