Advice for when the story has been hard…so you don’t end up lonely..

“You tell me anyone on this church who has suffered more than me!” So I did…they were not pleased.

Never make your significance, or public or personal identity, out of how hard a time you have had. In Christ you are The Father’s delight. There is no competition. No need to establish your worth or why you should be noticed. Peace to you this day. He knows the story and your suffering can find its rest in His.

Make the telling of your story of suffering what you want people to listen to and make them listen to and listen to listen to and listen to, and make them in an odd way admire, and you will end up very lonely, for their attention will eventually waver and you will doubt their love and your own worth. The rejection you are trying to beat will then overwhelm you once more. It need not be so. Learn to bring down that giant rather than feed its secret growth.

Everyone’s story in unique but not so unique that we need different weapons for the fight from every other person. There are weapons that prevail and weapons that don’t when it comes to Rejection. Humbly learn about them and how to use them. It is not so hard, once you see your story is not to be treasured above your being free from it.

“Do you want to be healed?” asked Jesus. He never asked a superfluous question.

Do you?

The idea of not needing your terrible story as a crutch will make some who read this react in anger, panic, or break out into a cold sweat. That in itself should be sounding alarm bells for your attention. Take a look at that reaction and bring it to Jesus who will help you understand it and be free at a deeper level; free to be you rather than being an image to impress.

God bless


One comment on “Advice for when the story has been hard…so you don’t end up lonely..

  1. Angela says:

    One thing about suffering and/or rejection: we all experience events with unique reactions in terms of how they affect us.
    I am in total agreement that the solution remains the same for Christians, though we might all be at different stages of learning to live by who we are in Christ rather in the eyes of others.
    Not criticising an excellent post, just thinking of how we all differ and that to judge or reject is unkind. 🙂


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