The Psalmist says, ” Do this…”

I was quite proficient in basic Hebrew in my University days. There is a gold medal I received for it lurking somewhere in the house. I never kept it going though. On the whole I don’t regret that, but just occasionally I do, for there are times when going bak to the original languages unlocks a meaning in the biblical text that English translations hide.

I was reminded of that today in David Strutt’s  excellent daily reading book “Sanctuary.” He draws attention to the psalmist encouraging us to give thanks to the Lord in Psalm 105. The Hebrew word is very physical. It can mean to fling your hands in the air in  worship, to hurl a stone, to wring our hands in distress even. The point is that physical action is involved in the expression of thanksgiving.

Perhaps you are a person like me who tends to live  in your head, in your thoughts. I found todays’ reading a good reminder to involve my body in worship. Something happens when we do, or at least something happens to me when I do! When I extend my hands  to God in worship, it somehow makes me feel I am not only giving Him praise, but extending my territory in God into the physical world in which I am living out this day.  I feel the scope of my being  is enlarged. I feel bigger, which is a great blessing for someone only five foot four inches  tall – and possibly shrinking slightly and gradually!

Do you need to get out of your thoughts and step into a bigger space of faith in your circumstances and in the world around you? Why not stretch out your hands to God as you give him praise and feel yourself grow in God?

Are you up for playing, “ The Psalmist says…?”

The Psalmist says, “ Fling your hands in the air and give thanks to the Lord! ”

God bless


5 comments on “The Psalmist says, ” Do this…”

  1. Angela says:

    I love digging into original meaning/context/culture of our scriptures. Thank you for that!


  2. Simon Lace says:

    Hi Kenny

    Been meaning to say again how much the blog is appreciated and to encourage you as you continue to minister to many in this way – long may you continue! You won’t get to hear of all the ways in which your teaching will reverberate (’twas ever thus!) but today I seize a moment to say thank you and humbly to remind you of the impact you are having for the Kingdom.

    Bless you!


  3. Lesley Mackwell says:

    Thanks for this! Perhaps one reason why we adults love children’s action worship songs so much, other than opportunity to laugh as we get increasingly slower& more confused! Children use more hands more freely to gesture & emphasize speech & feeling far more than adults, yet we too are “children of God”‘
    (At least psalmist didn’t say
    “Dance as I danced before the Lord😂”)


  4. phkmsltd says:

    Many thanks again for this and the reminder that going back to the original – even if through other’s understanding, can be so important and valuable!



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