When not to speak

… is as important as when to speak. At times Jesus said nothing. He told us there are times to not even share God’s precious truth.

Not long ago He told me there was an issue He would not speak on again nor was I to speak about it to anyone.

Pray to have a disciplined ear and tongue.

God bless


6 comments on “When not to speak

  1. Janet says:

    Very often recently God has asked me not to speak about some things , to keep it just between us. Just have to obey. Thankyou.


  2. Catherine says:

    Thank you Kenny, the Lord requested I say absolutely nothing in a family sI tuition, to obey is better than sacrifice, so glad I listened.


  3. Ellen Jensen says:

    Thank you for your blog. I remember with gladness Sommeroase 2010 in Denmark.
    I was looking up your name because I am visiting Edinburg for holiday and looking for a church fellowship for church service on Sunday. Hoped to find “your church”. I understand you have had to stop to serve fulltime as a minister because of health issue. I have been pleased to find some of your sermons on the net and would have loved to meet you and hear you again. May God bless you in your continued service for him.
    I was richly blessed by listening to your teaching at Sommeroase in 2010.
    Ellen Jensen


    • revkennyblog says:

      How kind of you to write Elen. I remember my time in Denmark with great thanksgiving. Hope your holiday in Edinburgh goes well. There are lots of good churches there.


      • Ellen Jensen says:

        Thank you. Which church would you suggest. I am staying Holyrood Park in Edinburg. Sunday afternoon going to Pitlochry where I stay for a few days. Have already had a lovely week here in Scotland with my sister. Next days alone with God.I would appreziate your prayers.


      • revkennyblog says:

        Sorry I did not see this until late last night. Enjoy Pitlochry. Plenty nice walks to be alone with Hod. One of our favourite places!


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