5 comments on “Experiment 2 with video

  1. Angela says:

    That worked perfectly, well done! Also glad to ‘meet’ you. And although it saddens me it observe your breathing a bit laboured, you are courageous and still able to speak.
    The verse you referred to about ‘I will not die but live…’ is one that Joel Osteen’s morher used to quote after being sent home with a diagnosis of incurable liver cancer.
    I read her book in 1999. She recovered from the cancer although she also suffered severe pain in her liver during the time before healing was apparent.
    May God bless you for being faithful.


  2. Ali Roger says:

    I see you and hear you Kenny, good to listen again to you and your words of wisdom. Maybe Daily Audio Bible isn’t quite the same as reading it for yourself, to find your own voice. Top tip.


  3. Robert Nicol says:

    Really good to see you Kenny. Your blogs have been such a help, so I’m delighted to see this new venture. Thoughts from the Vlog Cabin maybe? Or maybe not! Blessings. R


  4. Reblogged this on Highland Disciples and commented:
    Kenny Borthwick with some much needed encouragement and advice on getting back into our Bibles.


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