3 comments on “Not feeling great.

  1. Anne Mary Grant says:

    Thanks for that Kenny. God bless you.


  2. Angela says:

    Bless you, Kenny.
    Your blog today brought to mind the way we compare our lives with those of others as if the Lord has a ‘one size fits all’ plan.
    Thinking of healing in particular, we know it pains our God to see us suffer under the law of sin and death which includes illness. We also hurt to observe believers who suffer under illness.
    We might experience healing for an illness yet not receive the fullness of the law of love and life in healing another illness.
    It is up to Him.
    He has provided for healing. His kingdom is not yet seen fully, as your blog has already eloquently and gently told us.
    So comparisons cannot be justified in our thinking about healing or anything the Lord allows or does. Hope this is making sense!
    So many verses warn us against expectations we might have due to comparisons we make:


  3. Lesley Mackwell says:

    Thank you for this Kenny!

    How encouraging!

    It is so refreshing to hear someone state so clearly
    that the kingdom of heaven is near & so is our healing. Not quite yet maybe, but coming !

    I just wonder how much of this comes from a poor
    understanding of death, and the world’s preoccupation
    with denying any relevance of Christian teaching
    surrounding, death, heaven, hell &the coming kingdom.

    Every day I awaken I have to believe the Lord has a purpose for me, just as I am. Sometimes, it’s incredibly difficult, but other days everything just shouts out in praise to the Lord, other days a mixture.

    This means I can rejoice& look forward to the Lord’s coming& look forward to the end of illness etc

    I pray that you Kenny will enjoy all that you are able to today, without having to suffer for it tomorrow. May the Lord Jesus Christ bless and protect you, Morag& the family.


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