8 comments on “White butterfly?

  1. Angela says:

    Beautiful, thank you Kenny. Glad you enjoyed the Canada holiday.
    The butterfly is a symbol of freedom in many cultures, both modern and ancient.
    Since moving further into freedom with the Lord this year, I find myself attracted to butterfly motifs!
    The struggle to be free of pain from the past is well worth travelling the roads He leads us to be the beautiful creation He has provided for us to become when we cooperate and trust.
    For we are no longer bound by the law of sin and death but freed by the law of love and life.


  2. judithjamesdavies says:

    A wonderful word of encouragement to one who was tempted to try and break through the chrysalis stage ….I will await the imago ….


  3. Morag Hearty says:

    Many thanks for your inspiration. We shared an incredibly special friend and I am certain that Gavin would be very proud of you. I last heard you speak at his funeral. Write that book. I so wish Gavin had.


  4. Heather Mackay says:

    Thanks for blog Kenny. If u don’t mind me saying, you look very much refreshed and well .. so heartening to see.


  5. Elaine Whittington says:

    Great word and testimony! Nice to hear Howard’s looking after you!


  6. Shona MacLeod says:

    Hi Kenny – so lovely to see you in Canada with Howard and so glad that you were blessed in numerous ways – Thank you for this white butterfly blog as it speaks real relevance into my life – turning 60 also in about 5 months time !! but so thankful for how I see the Lord today – John Piper quoted Jesus tonight in a small You Tube clip that I saw -eternal life is to KNOW Him , God the Father and the One whom He sent ..Seeing this eternal life and your KNOWING God in your blogs ….as you say in the midst of illness..- the result is that truth is spoken through you.. Praise the Lord ..Thank you


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