Remembrance Day 2018 – simple poem, simple tune…

George Williamson Borthwick

2nd. Lieutenant George Williamson Borthwick. Born 1896. Killed in Action 1916.
My Great Uncle.

A poem, now with an added simple tune, for Remembrance Day. May it help you to think your own thoughts…

11th Hour

That we might have tomorrows
They gave their todays
11month proud sorrow
Won’t let them fade away.

How then shall we honour those
Who gave for us their all?
How raise this day the heroes
From where comrades saw them fall?

In silence we’ll remember
Listening to Flanders flowers,
Dearest blood for darkened earth
Deserves an offering of worth.

Minutes, be not be quiet,
Speak out with thunderous power!
Past, invade the present,
Their 11th hour be ours!

Will hearts awake with gratefulness,
Will green stems among us grow
From such seeds of selflessness,
From “greater love” can no one show?

(Copyright, Kenny Borthwick)

Click HERE  for a link to the tune

P.S. If you click the link you should be able to find the words of the poem below the video so that hopefully you can get words and tune together.





One comment on “Remembrance Day 2018 – simple poem, simple tune…

  1. says:

    Very poignant beautiful well constructed.

    I liked the two parts the Reading and the 2nd more compositional.

    Very evocative provokes thoughts and imagery. Triumphal sadness – the cost to be free.


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