Signs in the heavens above and on the earth beneath…

I have over the course of many years now believed that poets and film makers are often more insightful with regard to what is coming to the earth than most. Their imagination seems to give them at times an almost prophetic insight into the way things are and the way things may yet be.

I was thinking today of a common theme in films. It could be summed up as the arrival of cataclysmic intervention into the normal course of reality. That theme can take many forms; the intervention could have a thousand and one guises, anything from a tsunami threatening the coast of a continent to invasion by aliens. The build up to the full manifestation  of the intervention onto the scene usually takes this form. Someone, somewhere, notices data that is out of step with the norm, and at first it is presumed to be some sort of glitch in a system or some sort of anomaly. However more confirming data seems to come in from unrelated sources and it becomes clear something is about to break, or to break in.

When I was praying today, just waiting upon God, it was that type of film and the build up to the intervention that God seemed to place on my mind. I felt he was using that art form to say to me look for this, pray for this to happen, in the spiritual sense; and to encourage you to look for this and pray for this too. There is coming a day for Scotland, it is not yet here, when reports of the unusual action of God breaking in to work in extraordinary power upon saint and sinner will originate from various sources, from various places. At first one or two reports will be dismissed almost out of hand, but the reports will increase numerically. It won’t be possible to tie the reports down to any common factor between them. It won’t be that the reports will come from a place associated with any name or movement that is common to them all.  It will slowly dawn upon us that God is rending the heavens and stepping down and mountains are flowing down , melting before His presence. The initial tremors of the moving of God will cause even the strong to quake, but they will be nothing compared with what is yet to come.

I see no particular signs of this as yet. Though I praise God for worthwhile ventures and good fruit in many places, I am thinking, feeling that God was speaking to me  of something more, a time that is not yet, when believers hearts will be lifted and their eyes lightened with joy and their spirits leap for joy as the Spirit bears witness within, to the action of God in the land.

I just thought I would let you know I believe for this. I hope you might believe for this too and pray for it.

God bless


6 comments on “Signs in the heavens above and on the earth beneath…

  1. Amen Kenny. This powerful word is resonating in my spirit.


  2. Helen Bookless says:

    Oh Amen and Amen to that….


  3. Angela says:

    Beautiful words that reveal God’s might, glory and purposes against which nothing can stand. It quickens hope in my spirit much as the glory of the Aurora Borealis does, powerful magnification of our God, beyond our feeble understanding. Thank you.


  4. phkmsltd says:

    Dear Kenny

    Many thanks.

    Agree whole heartedly



  5. Noella Ross says:

    Kenny, when you share God’s truth and your insights with us, my spirit leaps with joy and anticipation…Your Kingdom come on Earth, Lord!


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