“The Spirit of God can breathe through through what is predicted at a human level, with a sunshine of surprises.”

I have always loved these words of Cardinal Seunens since I heard David Watson quote them in relation to the renewing work of the Holy Spirit. The reference is to surprising signs of life appearing when the church seems in a dire state, but I often think of the words in relation to personal experience of God as well.

I was reminded of the quote today because of an unexpected blessing. It made me want to hope and pray for you, especially if the word “dire” is a word that you have actually said out loud to someone today to sum up how you feel things are for you. I pray that God may breathe into your life with a sunshine of surprises.

God bless


2 comments on “Surprise!

  1. Angela says:

    Those are rather uplifting words.
    I became a Christian in York but never knew David Watson although I read his book.
    The Catholic Church never spoke about people like him so I did not hear of him till after I went to a C of E in York and came to my own faith in God.
    May you have a comfortable night and surprises of good health.


  2. says:

    Amen thank you.


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