Jesus shows us that true leadership partly means clearing space, allowing lesser matters to be dealt with by others so that you can deal with the really important stuff…the stuff that really matters, like clamouring people coming to you for the wrong reasons when you are tired, or mothers wanting their children blessed. Come on you leaders! Follow Jesus, not the World. Non accessibility and extra days on the golf course and exclusive dinners with the wealthy or powerful or influential are the world’s badges pinned to importance.

How come you found a space to arrange to meet that person who could be of strategic importance in opening doors of opportunity but have not found time for that distraught person who could do with 10 minutes of your time…oh of course, they are just your spouse…or that draining person…or the inconvenient Jesus wrapping Himself once more in ordinary unimportant guise that you can choose to ignore in favour of the important person, meeting, conference or opportunity. Where do you think He will choose to be?

The end of the year? An opportunity to think…

God bless


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  1. Hope you don’t mind a comment from someone you don’t know but follows your blog (sometimes more than others ) . Not even sure if this is relevant to your post but want to thank you at the end of this year . Thank you for being real and allowing those if us who also struggle to know it’s okay and that God loves us anyway .
    It’s an encouragement to keep going even one step at a time . Thank you . Praying you know Him more closely today than ever before . For you and your wife Morag .
    From A fellow traveller on the road .


  2. Lesley Mackwell says:

    Thank you for your faithfulness in writing these thoughts/ promptings. I am so often blessed and left with much to ponder.

    So often unwell I find these words start of a fresh train of thought / prayer.

    Thank you so much for your ministry. God bless you and the family now & throughout the new year. Lesleyx

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