The Lord of earthly and heavenly hosts…

I know some of you do not “do” Facebook. This is a story I posted there earlier this evening as part of a thread on angelic activity.. It maybe does not make sense in a vacuum and unrelated to the Facebook activity, but I somehow hope it blesses you and encourages your faith. Whatever else they may be, angels are a sign of the gospel that the Kingdom of Heaven is near to us.

In the early years of CLAN Gathering in Scotland when numbers were still climbing towards from a few hundred to several thousand coming from hundreds of churches, a few angels appeared on photographs. I never kept them or publicised them, as I thought they would be sensationalised and used in the wrong way. I remember meeting an older lady who simply came up to me and said, “Pray for Israel.” She then walked on with difficulty of movement. In one of the photographs she was standing there with her back to the camera – at least I am pretty sure it was her in that she was wearing the same clothes and shoes – worshipping …with wings on her back. By that I don’t mean a vague glow that could maybe could be interpreted as wings at a push and with a lot of imagination. I mean wings, truly glorious wings

The appearance of heavenly host seemed to be associated with joy. I have no idea why such realities appeared on photographs, nor why other types of spiritual manifestation appeared in the tent and in other conferences I was at a few weeks later, in the sky. If their wings had been visible to the naked eye I guess they may not have got past the stewards into the tent! Anyway, there it is. It is amazing what can happen when you create a venue with no other purpose than welcoming the presence of God and wanting to see His people encouraged in the joy of knowing Jesus. I heard this week of another ministry that started through the Spirit’s inspiration working in someone’s heart at CLAN in St. Andrews that is now international in its scope and bringing life to people and glory to God in Scotland and beyond. Wonderful.

Oh for days of nameless people, of no agenda other than welcoming the presence of God and honouring The Lamb slain since the foundation of the world. So much fruit is birthed in such an atmosphere, fruit that lasts and grows even when the seed itself falls into the ground and dies. It is a Kingdom law we can trust in with absolute confidence.

God bless


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  1. Heather Mackay says:

    My sister and of course my late bro-in-law used yo attend Clan gatherings in St Andrews


  2. Mrs Faith Holmes says:

    I still remember that amazing joy you speak of, which overwhelmed us and set us free, as we made it to St Andrews despite my severe agoraphobia! And how blessed we were, and both saw the same angels in our minds, as we went to sleep in the tent on the first night, they were standing guard around the campsite, stationed in twos and threes and whispering together about everything that was happening. Next morning one of us said to the other “last night I saw…” then realised we both had seen exactly the same thing, but both thought it was just our imagination!


  3. Angela says:

    That atmosphere is, as far as I can gather, what is enabled in various ‘Prayer Houses’ recently established. I don’t know if any exist yet, in Scotland, but have been given a wonderful opportunity to go to one in Wales.
    This link describes how it came about:
    This link is for the house itself:
    I have never seen angelic manifestations but have from time to time observed a halo or an outline of light around individual believers in various churches over the years.
    May His will be done in the lives of those who belong to Him, bringing whatever He has planned and purposed for the good of all.
    Thank you, Kenny.


    • revkennyblog says:

      Yes indeed. A wonderful source of life and an open door for God to come and dwell. There is indeed awareness of this in Scotland. Thanks for giving the links.


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