3 comments on “Uke and You

  1. Judy Gordon says:

    Hi Kenny. God has given us a lovely gift of music and I thank him for it. It’s good to see you extending your musical gift and one day hope to hear you. I pray as you enjoy playing your new toy that the ‘ 3 little birds ‘ will become v2 of O Lord my God “ hear the birds sing sweetly in the trees”; and ‘down by the riverside’ become “ take us to the river”. In the meantime God bless the gift he has given you.
    God’s blessing to you and your family


  2. Simon Lace says:

    Hi Kenny

    Many thanks for this – and consider yourself invited to lead worship with us. We have a band ready made for you…

    Some years ago, a lady in our congregation saw a film in which a group of older people were playing ukuleles and evidently having fun doing so.

    She asked one or our worship leaders if she would teach her to play the uke. Being a yes man for God, he obliged – first having to teach himself, mind! One thing led to another and over the last few years about a dozen of us have been entertaining (some would say tormenting) people across various care homes, sheltered housing schemes and the like with our most irregular church ukulele band.

    Some die-hards (they call themselves music lovers) in the congregation are yet to be convinced that the uke has a place in worship. but fear not, we are making inroads. Resistance is futile – they will be assimilated!

    Thanks for the blog Kenny – and by the way, our founder member Lily was 90 recently, and our band leader/ukemeister, Don, is over 70. Here’s to the next few decades of learning from you!




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