Know the Victor and know the enemy….

Another dream last night which showed me this:

The devil meticulously plans his tactics, while modern Christians can often be careless and casual with spiritual things, presuming that to be roughly in the ballpark, without too much regard for the application of the clear teaching and details of God’s word on all matters, is good enough for living and moving in the blessing of God.

The dream was in the context of the present plans of the Church of Scotland for renewal of its structures and organisation, but I thought it worthwhile sharing its truth as it has wider application.

For example, one aspect of the dream was about a casual approach to filthy language, which in many sectors of the Christian world is now seen as acceptable.

Never think you will know the power of Christ’s victory over the devil, if you are not prepared to let Him help you live by every word that proceeds from the mouth of the Lord and echo those words with your lips and within your heart.

I will leave it up to you and the Holy Spirit to search together for where there may be details needing attended to that you may have dismissed as not mattering too much.

God bless



5 comments on “Know the Victor and know the enemy….

  1. Angela says:

    Kenny, this is one aspect of life that has been on my mind often, along with others. There is nothing wrong, linguistically ie construction etc, with words we deem bad. It is the meaning we put on them and that association with bad or evil that brings a foothold in our lives for the enemy.
    One of my sons had a Swiss friend who spoke Swiss German.
    While staying with us, watching the mist rolling off the hills one morning, we used that four letter word: mist.
    We and the Swiss guest were surprised; she explained it is equivalent to an alternative word for faeces in her language.
    So, the meanings we understand are influential, just as eating meat offered to idols in NT days was not okay if bought at the temple (where buying it meant you agreed with and participated in pagan worship) but was okay if bought at the market.
    Then there are so many pagan festivals upon which Christians celebrate eg Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day.
    Are we being foolish to do this? Should we really celebrate Christ’s birth, death and resurrection on days far removed from pagan dates?
    And just how significant is it that so many employ carelessly (in deception that it is harmless) certain symbols and hand signs?
    I discovered one man on You-Tube who believes we should not use symbols etc associated with the occult. But there are subtle ways in which so many accept doing so, including on the US dollar bill. Some say the symbol used by Hillsong is also occult.
    If you wish to include it, here is the first Christian video (4 parts available) I watched on symbols and hand signs:


  2. Angela says:

    Agreed, they are. But using the name of Jesus Christ as a filthy swear word is worse. That ought to make us cringe more!


    • revkennyblog says:

      Agreed, though thankfully I have not heard that much from Christians, which was the main thrust of the post. I guess I am thinking of the sort of thing that Isaiah was convicted of when in the presence of God. For certain it was not misusing the Name.


  3. Angela says:

    Yes, hearing a ‘believer’ use our Lord’s name carelessly is cringeworthy.
    Agreed, too, re Isaiah. The OT shows many well known characters made utterly aware of their iniquities in the presence of the Almighty God. I have always thought I would cry when I die and see Him face to face. Then unimagined joy!


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