“In this is my Father glorified…”

Do you find you are always finding fault with everybody and everything in the Christian world that seems to be blessed with life and fruitfulness, to the point that anything apparently successful is looked upon as suspect in its theology and practice? At times in the pride of my own thoughts and theology in the past I effectively rewrote Jesus words in John 15 to say this: “In this is my Father’s glorified, that you are fruitless.”

Of course there are times and famous examples of those who have laboured faithfully for years without obvious success, but let’s not turn that into saying that failure and stagnation are the normal sign of an individual or a fellowship that is truly abiding in Christ. Could it be we are too quick to take refuge in Remnant theology instead of allowing God to search our hearts and our ways? Thinking out loud as I type… and as I pray: “May your life and ministry and mine be fruitful for Jesus sake, this Lord’s Day and every day.”

God bless


One comment on ““In this is my Father glorified…”

  1. Angela says:

    I appreciate all your posts but only respond if prompted. Whether the thoughts that I then express are my own or from the Lord is something readers must discern!
    The old question of what success in Christian living looks like, pops up again. And again, discernment is needed to understand with Holy Spirit guidance whether a church with thousands is successful in God’s eyes.
    Many are attracted to certain churches that appear to offer life but which mislead instead.
    Success? Are we growing in our relationship with God through Christ, gaining His perspective, bearing the fruit of the Spurit ie displaying His love, joy, peace, patience etc?
    I am not a teacher or preacher but I have been severely chastised at times by the best One! (Jer 31:18, Psalm 118:18)
    If we heed Him, we succeed in maturing, and are likely to be walking in the paths He has prepared. That is the kind of fruitfulness I want most, more often than not a private journey that nobody knows much about.


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