Should I have a TV at all?

I realise the BBC, for good or ill, have chosen as part of the culture makers of the time to positively discriminate in favour of women presenters etc, but if that means, as I saw last night, employing someone whose only characteristic seems to be rude and belligerent to those being interviewed, getting in the process to no outcome other than showing off how rude you can be, well, perhaps they should think again.

Saw Sir Vince Cable being interviewed by an incapable interviewer who happened to be a woman. The impression she gave was “this is a man, and I will seek to humiliate him.” I honestly cannot understand how she got the job unless through a policy of positive discrimination. I am neither for nor against Sir Vince politically in that I have no set political loyalties that compel me always to vote for a particular party at every opportunity,  but I was mightily impressed by his self control and courtesy when he was meeting nothing but inept questioning and personal ridicule and attack. Let me say there are some wonderfully capable interviewers who are women. I hope that goes without having to be said. It is self evident also that there are rude and belligerent interviewers who are men, but the ones who are in current circulation that I can think of who perhaps show that tendency are at least trying to get to a truth rather than simply being insulting. A stupid interview by an inept interviewer with no skill is what I am speaking about. Yet another example of political correctness which can at times be used in the interests of justice becoming a tool of a militant agenda to the point of stupidity.

It is actually very difficult to find a programme now on the BBC, that does not have its content forced in an artificial way into the straightjacket of political correctness. At the moment that particularly seems to focus on white men being demonised while all women are morally unquestionable. Either that or a crass, forced and artificial tacking on of a gay relationship, or a transgender issue into a story line. It demeans important issues in the process. It is very very boring and predictable.

I am beginning to sympathise with Christians who decide to no longer have a television in their house, though there are still some programmes I enjoy greatly.

God bless