A memory…

I was remembering today one of my Professors at University making fun of me for going to the Keswick convention when I was 18. He held his hand to his heart and mocked the whole thing as mere sentimentality.

Cynicism and its attendant Mockery always hangs around the edges of Life. It can even be the landing pad for a trans local demonic Principality and Power. Make sure you are not an unwitting soldier in its camp. I have heard even born again Baptised in the Spirit believers mocking old songs such as “Are you washed in the blood of the Lamb.” Its laughter is often lurking undetected in the current trend to dismiss everything that smacks of discipline, duty and requirement as a spirit of “Religion.”

Well, give me some of the sentimentality and some of the “Religion” that is mocked any day of the week, rather than the fruit that grows from the seed of pride of intellect or pride of a spiritual experience. God spoke to me powerfully last night through a sentimental sounding, nonintellectual, old-fashioned evangelical ballad. All of a sudden its half remembered words and pulling at the heart strings tune were like drops of life giving water in my spirit.

The thing is, so real is the memory of being mocked, so prevalent is cynicism and mockery and the rejection of old songs and ancient paths, I cannot tell you publicly what the song was. I may have picked up courage by the time I get to Lewis. God is moving in fresh ways there, giving new songs, but ancient songs and ways are honoured too. If you plan to come, be ready to humbly honour that life giving blend.

Actually, here it is!

Click here https://youtu.be/eG1e9KrmS7M


God bless


5 comments on “A memory…

  1. Christine Robinson says:

    Yes, scorn and cynicism are death by a thousand cuts – I was once accused of being too earnest – I spent weeks troubled over it. Thank you for these words.


  2. Lynda Mathers says:

    I would love to know what that song is. Couldn’t you whisper it to us so no one else can hear. I miss those old hymns and sometimes put on CD of George Beverly Shea and wallow in it.


  3. Bill Frame says:

    Alister Begg leading “All people that on earth do dwell” to old hundredth tune at Keswick couple of years ago was a real highlight. Many of the old hymns were full of good teaching and come to mind in later years. I love these old hymns along with some of the new worship songs.
    Thanks so much for your posts Kenny.


    • Heather Temple-williams says:

      I am transported back 40 years to the small chapel of my teens where a deeply spiritual woman with an amazing voice led us into the heavenly places singing this. Thank you Kenny.


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