The sound of knives dropping?

Read some hideous comments from one Christian minister against another on Facebook! Full of judgement and ridicule. The measure we use in judging other is the measure God will use to judge our works and service one day.. It is a fearful thought that one day many of our works may be thrown into the fire with the same dismissal we have shown towards our fellow believers and what they do for the Lord. Like Scrooge, we may well hear our own words being replayed to us at that awful moment when we see our life’s work going up in flames no matter any honour or praise we may have been given on earth by appreciative people. Oh we will be saved, but as though fire., our works and ministry unrewarded, unacknowledged., disregarded for eternity to come.

I often hear the Lord saying to me, as I begin to think negatively of another believer saved by the blood of Christ, or critically about their ministry by which they have genuinely sought to honour Him, “Could I just look into your life, your ministry, as you are doing to them, Kenny?” It makes me drop the knives very quickly. In case you think I am pleading innocence and am never guilty of what I saw on Facebook that I refer to above, through the night I found myself weeping at a bad attitude that arose towards a fellow servant of Christ. I so hate when such a horrible thing surfaces in me. I try and be quick to acknowledge it and find mercy, but will I ever reach the place of sanctification by the grace of God that such horrible thoughts will never arise again against a fellow believer and servant of God? I hope so. I still hope so, for with God nothing is impossible. I know that after almost 48 years of salvation, I still need mercy.

Maybe it is part of heart preparation for Lewis, though not just for that. Already people there are weeping before the Lord at prayer meetings in an awareness of God in the midst of their gatherings. People are praying at the meetings that have never prayed before; the work of God’s Spirit. Humble united prayer together with no sidelong swipes or darts being flung at anyone else under a cloak of false piety,; coming together before the God whose mercies are new every morning, whose faithfulness is great, who draws us to Himself with cords of compassion, seems to indeed be the place of God’s commanded blessing. My prayer is that when I go there at the weekend, God willing, I will do nothing to disturb what God is doing even at this moment as He moves among His people. I can genuinely say I would rather not go if there was any risk of that happening, though I would be sad at not being with people I love in a place I love. I have already prayed that if God would be more glorified by my not being there, that is fine by me. I think it is healthy to say on a fairly regular basis, “Use me or set me aside as you see fit, Lord, for your glory.”

God bless


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  1. Angela says:

    To observe without critical thoughts, praying instead… sadly lacking in me as a young Christian although the first observations I made when I began attending a church were their concern and looking out for each other’s children, and severe criticism for leadership.
    I agree, it grieves God to know our condemning attitudes when we are no better, simply saved by grace and extended mercy.
    I too am shocked from time to time by what surfaces from my human heart.
    But acknowledging it and repenting, opening our souls to His cleansing and to becoming more like Him, as you do clearly and humbly have written and demonstrated, is the way out of such unpleasant and destructive attitudes.
    May all Christians take seriously the need to be conformed to His likeness, to intercede for their leaders and for persecuted Christians around the globe, and for the lost that fewer might be forced to endure the coming tribulation. The thought of my descendants going through that time is too horrible.


  2. Debby Brown says:

    Thank you Kenny, beautiful words! May we be doers of the Word and not hearers only! May The Mighty Blessings of The Lord continue to be upon His people and to continue to draw all mankind to Himself!


  3. Alison Black says:

    Dear Kenny (& Morag?),

    My thoughts are very much with you for the coming weekend. The Isle of Lewis, with its history of revival as conveyed initially through my father’s telling of his experiences in the early 1950s, along with my own early memories of Barvas & the Macarthurs, is very dear to me. I was with Jack Macarthur when he died (a year or two after my father’s death), and Grace took part in his funeral.

    Your words “Already people there are weeping before the Lord at prayer meetings in an awareness of God in the midst of their gatherings. People are praying at the meetings that have never prayed before; the work of God’s Spirit….” are so encouraging.

    I would have loved to be in Stornoway for the conference, but didn’t feel justified in neglecting more pressing duties at home. But I am thrilled to know that there is a real spiritual hunger developing there.

    May you know the God’s anointing and be kept in sufficient health over the whole weekend.

    Yours in Christ’s love,



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