A seat for you!

Facebook is my main way of pastoring nowadays. Conferences are occasional. Anyway, that is really how I use Facebook: as a pastoral tool. God long ago challenged me to be open and vulnerable otherwise He could not do through me what He wanted to in order to bless others. He also made it clear I was never to hide the charismatic side of things for the same reason, so here is a bit of both!

Last night, a night after returning from a wonderfully blessed conference on Lewis, I had a dream. In it I was told it was time for a full examination. I was told to strip and put on a black robe and wait for whoever was going to do the examination. I took the robe but refused to strip and put it on, despite the surroundings being very clinical and professional. Many had put the robe on and seemed now to be living in that place permanently.

If you serve God in any way and want to serve him better always remember the devil will try and accuse you in a nitpicking way, especially in the aftermath of being blessed to be a blessing. It is easy for him to gain a hearing with us as none of us is a finished work of salvation yet, we are all works of grace in process.

Jesus refused to let the words of those who did not love Him or care for Him have any entrance into His thinking about Himself. In the dream I saw that many had never managed to shake off the dark covering of an accusing examiner.

Remember, when the Holy Spirit is doing the examining there is always hope for He highlights Jesus above all and in Him there is NO condemnation! Hallelujah! I got out of the examination centre and got on a bus (which in my dream language represents church). As we drove off, flags flying, singing about being joyful in Jesus, we left that scene of condemnation and accusation far behind. It was like being on a bus celebrating a victory, a vanquishing! Come on the bus with us, those of you wearing the black robes of the Accuser of God’s children and servants! The fare has been paid. There is still a seat for you! Run out that stronghold of condemnation! Jump on the bus with rejoicing!

God bless


6 comments on “A seat for you!

  1. simonlace says:

    Thanks Kenny – one for me to keep close to my heart as I prepare for bible college!


  2. Angela says:

    Thanks, Kenny. Even so many years after coming to Christ, and knowing that scripture and others that reassure too, it was dismaying to discover last year that I was somehow in the grip of shame and guilt.
    It stemmed from childhood but had long term effects that had built up into a stronghold that was crippling.
    Praise God, it is defeated and my value and worth in Him rules again.
    No need to endure lifetime pain. What saving mercy and grace!


  3. Jean McBride says:

    How can I find out about the recent meetings? Jean thankfully already a believer!


  4. Anne Reid says:

    Thank you Kenny for this message of freedom from condemnation and victory in Jesus.
    I have grappled with the accuser’s lies for much of my life.
    As I read about your dream I was transported in my spirit onto that bus, waving a flag of victory and singing at the top of my lungs: “Victory in Jesus, my Saviour, for ever”
    Bless you for your powerful ministry! Anne Reid


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